Doa Seorang Nelayan – a new film by Andrew Han


Doa Seorang Nelayan (A Fisherman’s Prayer) is a new documentary by independent filmmaker Andrew Ng Yew Han.

Andrew has followed the fishermen’s travails closely as they struggle against the odds to protect their livelihoods and way of lifeĀ  – and the food security of ordinary Penangites who rely on fish as a major component of their diet.

Make sure you catch his latest film (see the trailer above) at the Freedom Film Festival in Petaling Jaya on 21 September and in Penang on 9-10 November.

Zakaria Ismail, 62, is a director of the southern division of the Penang Fishermen’s Association (PNPP). He is also deputy head of the Sungai Batu Fishermen’s Unit


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Fish farming innovation in Singapore with government support:


Water treatment facility for land based fish farming in the video would deter algae attack in the open sea that depletes oxygen level killing the fish.

Thomas Toh

The technology is now used in Brunei, water quality monitored by Singapore via internet.
What is stopping us from leveraging from Singapore technology? Pride? Or until we deplete our fish stock in ocean?

Next time may have to import fish from Singapore.


Meanwhile MTUC is still clueless about how economics works, asking for more handouts (COLA) to burden the employers instead of asking its workers to improve their skills and productivity:

The Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) is calling for the introduction of an RM500 minimum monthly cost of living allowance (Cola) for all workers, and for the mandatory retirement age to be increased to 65 in its Budget 2020 proposals.

Employers will in turn hire fewer employees and make the existing employees to work harder in order to maintain the payroll to be competitive. Faham tak, MTUC?


The problem of low wages was started by Mahathir in the 80s to attract foreign investors & never to put a cap on insane low wages & since then local businesses followed suit not helped by allowing massive inflow of cheapo wai lao labor (from the Indons, Banglas, Vietnamese & now Vientienes). Since then, which bosses are so generous or conscience of paying decent wages? The cycle of maximising profit at ‘sweat shop’ workers expense will never come to sanity. The ’employer equilibrium of max-profit’ expects workers to work even harder than it already is in order to pay a… Read more »


Most Malaysian companies for too long rely on cheap foreign labour, never improve productivity, never move up value chain, never have product or service innovation.

So right now most of them are no longer competitive and are not in good position to offer good wages, let alone allowances, without sacrificing more bottom line.

Tajudin Raj

Mahathir and UMNO, after Tun Hussein Onn, must however without any argument accept the other 49% of the blame and failures of the Malays – they were after all the Malay leaders guiding the Malays througout. The UMNO led government initiatives since 1980 have failed to produce the results, that was what Mahathir has just admitted. In short UMNO and Mahathir failed all the way. That admission of failure means the education, Islamisation, Bumiputera, supremacy, executions, etc. are all initiatives that could not and did not penetrate to change the Malay mindset. In fact Mahathir’s admission of failure indicates that… Read more »


The Malays should see how their fellow Malays get rich. The rich are mostly having political connections to lucrative contracts and the politicians themselves. There is hardly any chance for ordinary people to be rich. Even the very hard working irrespective of race can only be at the middle income at most. True no point blaming others, they work very hard because they need to save for their children education, whereas the government take care of Malays with MARA, University quota and scholarships.

Aaron Pang

The Malay ruling class masterminded a captive Malay voter base through dividing the Malays from the non-Malays. The Malays were given the impression that non-Malays were their competitors and were instrumental for their perceived weaknesses. Their progress was severely weakened through over emphasis on race and religion and the ketuanan philosophy that lulled the Malays into a false sense of superiority. Mediocrity was set as the benchmark that gave a false sense of competition, success and achievement that has in reality the exact opposite effect. These are some of the strategies the ruling elites have established to perpetuate their political… Read more »


If the rich Umno idiots like Najib, Zahid, Tajuddin & others (including ex Umno Dr M) had distributed the nation’s wealth equitably (like what LKY did for Spore) today, you won’t find much poor Malays. They “raped” the NEP for self gains. Jakim’s billions budget shld hv been invested in technical & technology institutes. Wrong priority of jobless Islamic graduates dilemma. Education in Spore is world class for all including Malays. Why not here? If the Malay citizens are (allegedly) lazy, so are the Ministers now. Now this malady has crept into the non Malay MPs & Ministers too. Nip… Read more »


Have you watched ‘Raatchasi’, the movie that Maszlee mentioned as aligning to his education aspiration?


TV1 and TV3 news usually show Regim Yahudi attacks the Palestine.

They should also report that Saudi attackes fellow Muslums in Yemen:


DOA or praying will not solve the problem.

Need concrete action steps. Be scientific and use technology to bring solutions.


Pious intentions and propaganda not enough? Next, you may say that rituals won’t absolve me of crimes.

Thomas Toh

Rituals are man-made usually supertitious in nature with no scientific reasons. Waste of resources. Maybe most Malaysians do not study science and believe in supertitious stuff.


This latestis episode of 8TV’s Memories Puzzle features Penangites’ early memories of the Penang Bridge in the 80s:


GEORGE TOWN: The presence of phytoplankton and the high stocking density in fish cages have been blamed for the mass death at fish farms in Teluk Bahang in May.

Task force member and Centre for Coastal and Marine Studies (Cemacs) director Prof Datuk Dr Aileen Tan said the conclusion of the probe was in line with the findings of the Fisheries Department.

Thomas Toh

Sewerage discharge from our toilets.
Amonia from urine and nitrate from the s…
Simple explanation.


Massive reclamation along Danga Bay (for China-built condominiums – Country Garden, Jade etc) and Pantai Lido (for Lido Boulevard project).

The main cause of the mass of dead fish found along Pantai Lido is due to “ecosystem changes in the water” and not pollution from effluents, says Johor Local Government, Urban Wellbeing and Environment Committee chairman Tan Chen Choon.


it is strange when the fisherman said don’t fight the sea when all he has been doing all his life is taking from the sea, treating the seas as if his micky bank……..hehe

Rui Fern

JOHOR BARU: Land reclamation along Pantai Lido could potentially be the main cause of mass fish deaths in the area.

State Local Government, Urban Wellbeing and Environment Committee chairman Tan Chen Choon said the Department of Environment (DoE), along with the Fisheries Department, were still investigating the matter and not ruling out land reclamation as the contributing factor.


The time will come when a tourist will ask a Char Koay Teow hawker:
“Penang is so famous for her street food cuisines. As an island, it surely must have its own fresh seafood sources. BUT why are you charging me Rm20.00 for an M-sized plate of Char Koay Teow with highly claimed added liao of 5 prawns (of 1inch dia) of frozen stock (not fresh in taste)?”

Chow Chow Mee will say Penang is now Cosmartpolitan Penang like SingLand. Many things have to go including fishermen, so no more ori-fresh local seafood but imported from Indonesia & Thailand.


Do not be a sucker paying Rm20.00 for an M-sized plate of Char Koay Teow with highly claimed added liao of 5 prawns.

If there is no demand, the unscrupulous hawker will not overcharge. Let them serve the tourists. There are many more honest hawkers we can turn to, just need readers to highlight in this blog. Otherwise we can make trips to Sungai Petani or Alor Setar for better value offerings.

Lim Goh Poh

Many because of ego die die must patronise internet famous hawkers despite being charged higher. Many famous hawkers set profit margin above 50% per servings. They can afford many properties on island if you care to probe further.
Support and patronise ethical hawkers with kind hearts not money minded ones.


you mean they are not suppose to buy properties in Island? they should not get rich because you want to continue to pay peanut? they are famous because they are good in what they are doing, does that mean they are unethical..? if you feel like short changed why not stay home and cook yourself..maybe it only cost you 5 sen per plate…hehe


I have to admit that Bolehland double-talk on “uplifting Bumis” is truly at a world-class level……..

Thomas Toh

Please elaborate your point.
It is hanging… but no suspense.
Or Anil censor your message?
Uplifting bumi today still cannot reach NEP target?