Court reserves decision in landmark Sungai Ara hill project case

Sungai Ara hill, view from the east

Sungai Ara residents will have to wait a bit longer. The Court of Appeal has reserved its decision in a crucial case which is likely to set the tone for any similar future  residential projects on hill land.

In 2012, the Penang Island City Council had given planning permission for the Sunway Hills project on a site higher than 76m above sea level on slopes with a gradient more than 25 degrees. This is one of those “special projects”.

The residents took up the matter with the Appeals Board, which set aside the planning permission given to the Sunway City.

Sunway then filed for a judicial review at the High Court, which decided in favour of the developer.

The residents then filed an appeal with the Court of Appeal, which will now take a little while more to deliver a verdict that will be closely watched.

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Black Mage

Meanwhile Federal Court lifts stay in Najib’s RM42m case.

Courtroom drama soon.

Black Mage

The money laundering trial against Najib aka MO1 in SRC International Sdn Bhd case is due to begin on April 3, the High Court ruled today.

Hope to get coverage from Mr Anil.


As we jail these crooks, SEIZE ALL their CASH, assets and shares. Make them poor and with no where to go but face the people in Malaysia. NO PASSPORT. SMELLY FAMILY NAME. And only jail time to look forward to. Justice must be seen to be done. And that means the MO1 … must pay dearly n severely…


Imagine the thief actually using ” apa malu……”. Does he have no dignity, shame, sense of guilt?

How does a person like him sleep at night?
Thank God for May 9th.


He cannot sleep when Mongolian ghost comes wailing at night.


Will he finaly will be sitting in the Dock Marge?


Gated and safe for foreign workers.Can’t sell after speculation the owners need to pay bank loan.So the helpless owner rent it out.Overbuild in the name of Development.

rajraman.Foreigners too close to home – Nation | The Star Online


so can not rent to foreigner worker?


Don’t simply whack Wei like a drunken person.
You can read and write,so you also can understand.
Read whats its says – you can’t use the place as hostel.

rajraman.You don’t care about laws,about your neighbour,about overdevelopment feeling since you only care about your next boost of Alchohol with your failure investment.
Reply session closed for Wei.

Don Anamalai

Last time Anil objected to having hostels for foreign workers. Now the foreign workers are living in the same condominiums as Penangites.

Siang Yik

decent accommodation if 30 persons crammed into one condo unit?


Why people complain peng land lang treated foreigners badly?

Ma jiji

Stop all the developments !


it will stop when you all go and live in cave…hehe

Black Mage

Putrajaya will no longer consider any environmental impact assessment (EIA) approvals for protected wetlands in Malaysia in the future.

This after the previous BN government approved the building of a 2000-acre golf course (Forest City) at the Sungai Pulai forest reserve in Johor.

Don Anamalai

The government has been urged to come up with plans to protect a mangrove swamp in Batu Maung that has withstood the test of time and is now seen as a scientific treasure.


No need for a golf course there, unlike Johor.

Siang Yik

forest city got grand golf course, but strangely no sign of grand mosque.