Botanic Garden draft plan ready for feedback


The draft Special Area Plan for the Penang Botanic Garden is now ready for public feedback.

The draft SAP will be officially launched by Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng tomorrow.

Last year, the Penang government commissioned the SAP for the Garden to chart its future development.

Copies of the draft SAP may be viewed from from 9.00am to 4.30pm, 18 January to 15 February at

  • Concourse Level 3, Komtar
  • At the entrance to the main gate of Penang Botanic Gardens – a tent has been sent up on the right of the entrance and you can view the plan and give your feedback on the spot.

You can also purchase CD copies of the plan at RM25.00.

Written objections must be submitted before 16 February 2012.

Perhaps you might like to attend the launch to show your interest in the Garden and to provide feedback.

Launch date: Wednesday, 18 January 2012
Time: 11.30am
Venue: The parking area near the new lily ponds just outside the big black-and-gold gates of the Garden

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Maintaining a world class botanic gardens isn’t a problem so long as u have the right people for the right job. For a very long time now the botanic gardens have either not have qualified personnel or are grossly understaffed. Recently there has been some improvement but there is still a lot of room for improvement. Having a master plan is always a good move (if adhered to) because it ensures planned and organized development. It doesn’t have to be all implemented immediately, all it means is that when development occurs, it has to be as originally planned.


Running fast without learn to walk will give you rapid falls. Too many people hallucinate without red tape , proper assessment, things will progress faster. However, it happens otherwise, just look at mahathirism haste white elephant project.
Can you maintain it and make it sustainable ? That is the ultimate question.


Don’t you ever feel that too much bureaucracies (federal, local gomen & ngos) red tapes cause things unable to get done fast and effective. so much have been talked about SAP yet the realizations at crawling speed. sometimes Penang tends to lose its competitive edges (to KL or Bangkok or Spore) if being too over concerned & causing delays to the implementations. It hence takes bold leadership with capable team (rakyat benefits in mind) to make the leap forward. however, with present local gomen now saves so much from wastages/leakages typically seen in previous admin, sooner or later with less… Read more »


No money (from sponsors), no project, no talk, no Penang Street Food Museum!
(Even with a proposal sent to Penang State Museum for gomen consideration).


Economy may not be good in 2012.

People eat to live, not live to eat & savour good food.


Nobody eats in a museum, except for ethereal Tham Chiak Kuis.
And Penangites are proud of their Ori-Maestros’ Street Food which is much, much cheaper than yours in slippery-pretentious KL. And it draws many tourists (including Kiam Siap-Kia Su Singaporeans) to Penang and thus the tourist dollars.
Now that makes strategic sense to you?
Time for Char Hor Fun in Farlim which cost RM3.50 at heavenly flavor. Now that’s live to eat economically!