Stream flows through illegal quarry into Teluk Bahang bay


Check out this stream flowing from the illegal quarry into the Teluk Bahang bay, just 1km away from the fish cages in the sea. This was revealed by Penang Hills Watch in a statement this morning.

This is not far from the site where tens of thousands of fish died recently. Is there a connection?

Look at this time sequence images from 2002:

You can see a sudden expansion of the quarry in 2016, prompting Penang Hills Watch to highlight the clearing to the state government in the first quarter of 2017.

Read the full statement by Penang Hills Watch.




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Milk Tea

Malaysia PH government is acting like we are one of the first-world countries…non-stop advising and lecturing other nations… Bruh, you can’t even compete with a Singapore and Thailand, please shut up, memalukan…


Cannot rectify ICERD yet want to direct the world? I feel ashamed on behalf of our old PM!

No reason for m to ask Carrie Lam to step down in Hong Kong when he should make way for DSAI!


nah…can’t compared with BN government..Nacheat and MaCAi and Gelakan gang even pledged to made America great again..

they also voluntarily paid more to the Chinaman Contractor to help their belt and road …Gelakan and his master is so much better lar…hehe


Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno declared a state of emergency as protesters barricade roads across the country over fuel price hikes.
Moreno pledged to maintain the policy of ending diesel and gasoline subsidies, which he says are no longer affordable.

Could such scenario take place in Malaysia in the near future, given the rakyat’s strong dependence on their cars and future fuel hike?


Malaysians like to drive and own personal cars.

The day will come when they have to pay high price for petrol.

Will they protest … when that happens?


What monitoring or lackadaisical attitude by authorities such as MBPP, Penang Green Council, etc is this? You want to install more CCTVs but you cannot even do a quick Google Earth check on this recalcitrant site since 2017!
What a … shame of Cleaner Greener Safer Penang!
11 years of not doing what has been promised but CAT arrogance + playing the CAT blame game.
Jangan Cakap Kucing Tak Serupa Bikin Kucing.


“Instead of introducing more taxes and cutting into people’s disposable income, the Pakatan Harapan government must look at how to cut down on taxes so that the people have more money to spend,” the Penang Gerakan chairman Oh Tong Keong said – higher pay levels would lead to more domestic consumption.


where were Gelakan when Nacheat stole, robbed and embezzled……??

Gelakan politikus is good at performing in the circus and should continue doing so…hehe


Corruption explains most of it. Maybe govt. budget everywhere can go down by half if they just punish (a) unexplained wealth (b) blatant failure to crack down on violations and crime (c) clear cases of paying for bad and useless contract work. We do not even have laws on financing political parties, only hot air. E.g. me-too laws and regulations, “Institute of Integrity”, “moral” and “religious” education, etc.


Biggest U Turn soon to have GST?

No wonder Bossku is laughing so hard and is regaining his supporters!

GST is better than SST since you need to pay tax even if you are B10 if you consume. This is a fairer system instead of taxing those who work harder to subsidise those who are lazy to work!


GEORGE TOWN: The quarry illegally mining thousands of tonnes of granite in Teluk Bahang is still seemingly operational despite a stop-work order by the Penang Island City Council (MBPP).

A check by The Star on Tuesday saw workers moving about in the quarry and loud knocking sounds could be heard periodically from about 200m away where a school – SJK(C) Eok Hua – is located.


Statement by SPAN:

– Multiple agencies in charge of tackling river pollution makes it “difficult to coordinate activities (polite way of saying useless).
– Johor, Perak, Penang yet to gazette more than 56,000 ha of water catchment areas.
– Common polluting compounds in drinking water come from medicines, coffee and plastics.