So much for sustainable forestry


in the aftermath of the Rajang River logjam, this image of the Sarawak edition of The Star says it all. ‘Overlogged’. No prizes for figuring out who is responsible.

Overlogged: The cover of yesterday's Sarawak edition of The Star

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ring ring
ring ring
15 Oct 2010 8.05am

Sustainable forestry in Sarawak sounds more like ‘… kucing’.
BN ministers and politicians only pay lip service about the environmentally friendly forestry system and palm oil industry.
However, ordinary government servants should not be blamed for this event as they obligate to obey their political master.
They have been paid peanut for their salary (so they monkey around a lot), if they disobey, loose their job or 24 hours transfer. But blame the ministers as they are sleeping all the time.

14 Oct 2010 7.34pm

Depending on the detailed location of the Bakun Dam, downstream rivers might not have that much water for 7 months that it takes to fully impound the dam. Makes sense they released all those logs flogging the river last week.

Sibu may not have enough water intake for industrial and domestic consumption.

I suppose all crocodiles will be out in battalions on the muddy banks all over! Wow! What a sight that could be!

All the Bujang Senangs out looking for food! Then there’s the PBB/BN Bujang Senangs, too!

tan, tanjong bungah
tan, tanjong bungah
14 Oct 2010 10.45am

Hi everyone,

“Sustainable forestry”, “sustainable … this and that” – all these mere rhetorics of the Federal and State Govts. and their Agencies, just to hoodwink into complacency!!

The financial and environment costs is going to cost the taxpayers and future generations much more when costly mitigating works need to be done for the ravaging of our forests, land, sea, etc!! Those responsible for the carnage are laughing all the way to the bank!!

Kucing Kid
Kucing Kid
14 Oct 2010 9.47am

When there is no action taken against ‘the alleged illegal loggers’, you can bet these illegal loggers are linked with BN fellows.

Simple as that.

14 Oct 2010 1.12am

For your information. ONLY The Star carried this news.

ALL Chinese papers are MUTE on this news, since those paper are own by two different timber cartels. Anyone know about umno owns paper publishing these news?

13 Oct 2010 10.07pm

Forest Management (green timber) there are guided principles to be addressed prior to claiming to have a sustainable forest management. Here we have the forest department of Sarawak sleeping … made blinded on the allowable logging practices Taib Mahmud and its Ministers have been boastful to tell the world that Sarawak has an IFFM. While at there backyard (the) forest (is raped) to near naked.

That is what we called dirty lie and greedy human who care less for the future of its own Sarawakian.

13 Oct 2010 8.39pm

Seen this? It seems that calls to modernise politics in China are not just from a few unknown ‘activists’:

It doesn’t seem very widely syndicated – is there some doubt over its authenticity?

13 Oct 2010 8.10pm

Logjam? I think that is a misnomer. I don’t see any logs or the lower trunks of trees but just branches and debris. Where are the trunks? Sorry, no price for getting the right answer to that.

Ong Eu Soon
13 Oct 2010 5.44pm

In the name of development, you can clear the forest, you can cut the hill, you can reclaim the sea, you can fool the people.

13 Oct 2010 5.28pm

Habislah, sekarang semua orang didunia dah tau betapa tamak ahli politik kita yg cakap A tapi buat B.Janganlah terus memalukan negara apabila semua balak ni masuk ke laut antarabangsa dan semua pelayaran antarabangsa kena berhenti sebulan.Sampai sekarang pun tak ada sesiapa di tangkap pun,hebat betul.

13 Oct 2010 5.14pm

Press pictures and You Tube videos tell a telling story – mass hysteric greed-logging. (Not green sustainable logging).

Why? The 13GE (Doomsday for them) is coming, so they SIMPLY cut down as much trees as they can! And with a swollen river, what better way to transport en mass these logs – fast, FREE and no native blockades!…

13 Oct 2010 4.45pm

Dont know lah when this will all end…..???

14 Oct 2010 3.58pm
Reply to  MyBlog

Mr. Netto, Clarification: I do not work for the BFM. I am just a listener. The following link is important if you want to know more about the attitude of the taukehs in the Malaysian timber industry: Mr. Cheah is the CEO of the Malaysian Timber Council, and he was quoted in the “Breakfast Grille” show of BFM in saying that “illegal logging in Malaysia is less than 1%”. More importantly, Mr. Cheah pointed out that one “international body” approves the way Malaysia is managing its forest. In the wake of what has happened in Sarawak, Mr. Cheah drew… Read more »