Shamrock Beach in Penang marred by rubbish


David sends us this observation:

On a recent stopover at Pantai Shamrock, along the Tanjung Bungah/Batu Feringghi road, I bring to your attention a condition that I feel is breaching regulations.

There is a food stall that has built on the beachside that has encroached all the way into the water thereby cutting off the beach access from left to right. This natural beach is spoilt by this encroachment.

This foodstall is also not looking very hygienic at all, very dirty tables and surroundings

Also along this front, there is garbage being disposed onto the banks, upon which it is swept into the sea during high tide.

There are also other foodstalls which have made “permanent storage areas ” by the side and this mars the whole place

Penang is known and liked for its blend of nature and life. This spoils it all.

Could the authorities look into this situation please as its a shame that such a beautiful beach front is permitted to get to this stage. Its shameful for visitors to come to this beach when other beaches in the region are performing better than us in Penang these days.

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IN median income terms, the average home in Malaysia costs more than in Singapore, the US, the UK or Ireland – one reason being the hefty profits made by builders, according to a survey by Khazanah Nasional.

Even the CAT govt in Penang want to makan the poor with affordable housing milking them 240k for a 72k houses

eng hock

Supercally and iSupercally – one with i the other without. i means intelligence ? so without the i the supercally switched off his thinking and hence talk irrationally ???

Wee Chin


Check this up: Malaysia home prices at 5.5 times of median income

In median income terms, the average home in Malaysia costs more than in Singapore, the US, the UK or Ireland – one reason being the hefty profits made by builders, according to a survey by Khazanah Nasional.


STAR says that Malaysian property developers’ profit margins – at 21% – are higher than those in the UK, the United States and Thailand. To believe (naively) that it is all free market economy is all the bulls. Chinese has this saying: “ti-si ka bua to lai-lai” (when to sharpen the knife) – meaning why wait for another opportunity to ‘slaughter’ (excessive profiteering) the consumers. We should have a Bill against unfair profiteering & ‘carteling’ of property price mechanism brought on by greedy developers who have no qualms but seek any loop hole to gain. At 21% high-end profiteering,… Read more »


In comparison, Singapore’s housing prices cost 5.1% of annual median income, while houses in US cost 3.5% of the annual median income.


This is Malaysia’s way. Find a place of natural beauty. And instead of protecting and preserving it, ruin it with hawker stalls, concrete paths, plastic playgrounds, plastic water theme parks, litter with horse manure, eye sore arches, a gigantic tower on a tropical island, or just destroying it altogether. Those whining about DAP or those whining about BN, wake up. DAP, BN, local council….all the same. Truly 1Malaysia. ALL have no talent and no idea. Busy trying to get votes, not doing the work required, and that’s about it. Look at how countries like Australia, New Zealand, Belize, etc. have… Read more »


Islandjoe, spot on, please send your mail to dap politicians.

I sent one complaining about the bad condition of tg tokong/tg bungah main road, and i noticed that they have retarred the area @ the malay morning market at tg tokong.

Let us make penang a better place for all.


And also send your mail and complain on why so many of Penang`s road are so pitch dark without light.


Yes now Penang will be a better place with the Penang Government that has approved assessment rate increases sought by the Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP) and the Seberang Perai Municipal Council (MPSP), its local government authorities.

He promise not to increase water tariff. He also promise no assessment rate hike. Now we see he is … not (practising) what he preached.


Ah nar, cakap baik baik, jangan bohong nanti lidah dimakan tikus.

Those stalls have existed for quite some time, not just 6 years ago, ok. Cakap bohong and tipu tipu jangan sekali as not all can be fooled.

The vendors can mend the stalls but they have to be hygienic and take care of the beaches.

Sometimes it is the fault of the visitors or malaysian’s mentality, buang sampah di merata rata tempat asalkan rumah kediaman sendiri.

By the way, did mppp provide any tong sampah for people to throw the rubbish ?


Ki, Mesti say cakap baik baik dan betul. Those stalls existed quite sometime ago and it was quite clean during that time. Now it has become quite dirty. even it it is not clean the CAT govt blame the previous for it being dirty. After 6 years have the CAT done their job. How the CAT govt boast that they will solve the P Ramlee flood and Sg Pinang polution. Have they done that. In fact flood in Penang and the Sg Pinang pollution have become even worse. And please go around and you will see that many of the… Read more »


Did I see any !!!!!


ssten : Don`t be a racist. If you are referring to a particular race, go to Paya Terubong and Perak Road (Teluk Au) and see how whole stretch of road have been occupied with stalls and the authorities is not doing anything about it. It deprived the people of car park and walking space. And sometime ago some stalls in Datuk Keramat were ask to shift their stall away despite not blocking the road but just depriving some car park. This is grossly unfair. It seem that the current DAP govt authorities is just being bias and using favouritism in… Read more »


Our beloved island was once touted as the Pearl of the Orient. Six years after an incompetent governance by the opposition, its has become I dread to say ……….

gk ong

You might as well add that the Roti Benggali in Penang only tainted with rat faeces after Pakatan took over Penang.


Ha ha ! Ong you are right !


A plain stupid comment