Seri Tanjung Pinang Phase 2 detailed EIA report executive summary


The Seri Tanjung Pinang Phase 2 detailed EIA executive summary is actually available online – but it might as well be hidden.

The document is available on the Department of the Environment website. But if you land on the DOE website as a guest, you won’t see anything prominent to indicate the document is online.

Instead, you have to register as a user first before you can log-in to look for the document on the site.

To make life simpler and bypass the whole DOE user registration process (which asks for a lot of info, including your postal address, IC and contact details), I have downloaded the executive summary and uploaded it here. (Why couldn’t the DOE do the same thing?)

It is a large file though (74MB). And I have not included the appendices, which are in separate files on the DOE website.

For your homework(!), please wade through the Executive Summary and share with us any points you think should be of public interest. In particular, are you satisfied that the land reclamation/project will not have any significant impact on the coastline elsewhere in Penang, on siltation/sedimentation in surrounding areas including the port and the mainland, on fisheries, and on the traffic?

If you can, make your concerns publicly known by 21 February.

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Hi Anil, couldn’t download the EIA executive summary. “Page not found”