Seri Tanjung Pinang Phase 2 detailed EIA: Public viewing period extended

A tiny notice of the original viewing period displayed on a board at the MPPP office at Level 4, Komtar

Following an outcry, the Department of the Environment has agreed to an appeal by the Penang state government for an extension of public viewing of the controversial three-volume Seri Tanjung Pinang Phase 2 detailed EIA report.

A two-week extension has been granted. You can view the report at MPPP, Level 4 of Komtar until 7 March 2014 and submit your feedback to the DOE by 14 March 2014.

The reports are also available at five other venues: Penang Department of Environment (DOE), Tanjung Tokong Police Station, DOE headquarters in Putrajaya, Seberang Jaya Library and and the National Library in Kuala Lumpur.

Please make sure you take the time to go through these daunting reports, as the environmental future of Penang is at stake.

Let us hope that there will be more prominent notices at these venues to indicate to the public where these reports are located – instead of a tiny A4 size sheet that was put up at Level 4, Komtar recently (see above).

These reports should also be displayed more prominently on the DOE website and uploaded to the Seri Tanjung Pinang, E & O, MPPP and Penang state government websites.

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Anil, I saw the eia report… hhmmmm ..


Ananars, you are so right. So weird the Chinese don’t realise this or what. In short all kauteem behind rakyat n same Umno div remain super rich from BN to DAP…. fed up!!


Anil, sorry reply late. went up level 16 the TA was out meeting. Will go again tmrw morning. Inconvenient.


Anil, today went up level 4 OSC no more there I was told to go Level 16…eeuuwww


Two week extension so what. Will it change anything. The development will still go on whether objection or not. Do you think LGE really care. He only care how to … entice your votes to stay in power at all cost. Selangor is a showcase for all to see on how dirty Pakatan Rakyat (DAP, PKR and PAS) is. BN is gracious enough to help Selangor in the water MOU to settle their water issue and LGE has the nerve to complain. Does anyone realize that LGE (admin) has sold off Penang bit by bit. First they sold our land… Read more »

eng hock

LGE at SP Setia CNY concert called some critics as naughty.

so in LGE’s eyes, Ananar a naughty naughty one who either tell the lies or stop the truths ?


Thank you Anil

Awang Selamat Ori

Yang, have you read the above?

Is LGE responsible? The expected traffic chaos at Penang 2nd bridge, is LGE also responsible, Yang?

Read carefully and comment rather than wasting your precious time writing nonsense here.


A few simple words above and you expect me to believe in their lies and deceits. Come on man wake up and wise up. And what is the above concern with traffic chaos which I seldom talk about and am just not interested at all. I am only interested on how they lie and deceive that make believe to all their fans who are still in slumber


RE: You can view the report at MPPP, Level 4 of Komtar until 7 March 2014 and submit your feedback to the DOE by 14 March 2014.

Ong Eu Soon should take this opportunity to send his feedback directly. He can cut ans paste his blog comments like “Penang Tunnel – RM305 million is not for Paperwork” or “How Guan Eng Fixed a Deal of RM6.3 Billion” otherwise we still regard him as a proxy paper tiger 🙂