Selangor Dam water level drops


Photo courtesy of Magick River

The Magick River blog reports that the water level at the Selangor Dam has plummeted.

For more pictures, go here.

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Jebat musibat

@veryupset :
You know.. as usual – lah.. Someone must die first, before they (Gov) alert…


Why no info from the goverment?
Why wait till so drastic..???

Where is the contingency plan……???????????

johanssm / khun Pana

i dont think that i came across this critical water level news in any msm .
Thank you to anil and magick river .
And yes to “My2cen”.
I blame the polis for wasting precious water too.
The “Bomba”/ fire brigade was helping the polis fueling up those sinister water cannons


Die – no water, and haze not going away! The only water shooting is from the PDRM canon!


Greatly appreciate the link, Anil, thanks. This matter warrants deeper investigation. The worst-case scenario of massive underground streams flowing from below the artificial lake could result – 5-10 years down the line – in a hundred Highland Towers-type disasters.