Stop ‘development’ of Taiping Lake Garden


Who are the clowns responsible for this nonsense at the Taiping Lake Garden?

These guys can’t bear to see any untouched green space. They have to mar the place with so-called ‘development’, which usually involves pouring concrete and setting up concrete structures.

The RM3.6mil plan to turn the area into a ‘tourist area’ involves building kiosks to sell souvenirs and fast food along a 600m stretch of road, which will be turned into a pedestrian walk.

The Garden has been a haven for visitors all these years since 1893. Why mess with it now? Contracts for the boys?

They have messed up other places. Leave Taiping Lake Garden alone!

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Hey, Government of Malaysia. If you think our Ah Kong’s monies is still overflowing with blood, sweat & tears contributions, please use them wisely. Instead of mindless development which (many Satu Lagi Projeks) inevitably flow out to kang taus, why can’t use it for educational purposes like providing more computers, softwares, WIFIs, schools, universities, research labs & vocational training facilities. Also, the public libraries are in dire needs of more up to date books & references, both for adults & children. The Rakyat are the national human resources to compete with global challenges. If these monies are use for the… Read more »


Heh! Leave Nature alone! Taiping Lake Garden is the reason why my family likes to go to Taiping, besides its good hawker foods! If the tourist needs food and beverage, they can find it elsewhere.
Any development there will drive the tourists away instead!
And the same goes for Malacca onced sea-front restaurants! Now, we only see concrete around it! What a shame.

Don’t our govt ever learnt that foreign tourists don’t go to Malaysia to see concrete jungle !!!

yokeying kong

I mean without caring for the beauty of the whole place

yokeying kong

At least is temporary good news to Taiping residents but those guys are not giving it up that easily they still want those stupid stalls to be situated somewhere near the lake garden. Can believe it why can”t they just leave it alone if they are really concern why not mantain the the place. It is a shame with broken bridges, rubbish and dead leaves everywhere. Not only that they are also starting the onslaught of Bukit Speedy by approving an 18 storey condo on the hill can you imagine standing in the lake garden and instate of seeing green… Read more »


Taiping Municipal Council should get the hell out of the Lake Gardens! They should just do their job maintaining the grounds, keep the Lake Garden clean, trees, plants and grass well trimmed!

It’s a big “NO” to their kiosk project. We don’t need them to spoil the tranquility of the lakeside. Visitors & Tourists don’t come to Taiping Lake Garden for your souvenirs, your handicrafts or your food! Just stop your silly money-churning project!


only with more “developement” projects, some ppl get to songlap more. Do anyone really think that sort of work cost RM3.6mil?? I bet majority of Rm3.6mil goes to someone’s personal bank acct

taiping clan

MPT – Majlis Perbandaran Taiping tak dapat menyempurnakan tandas bertamadun di stesen bas – sekarang nak … di taman pula.

You guys can try visiting the bus station toilet in Taiping town and you will wonder why the same contractor is still getting the job to ‘maintain’less it.


My tribute to Taiping Lake Garden on the self destructive path of ‘Wild World of Frenzy Development’:
Cat Stevens “Wild World”

Oh, there also is a truly wild world nearby: The Taiping Zoo!

syiok syiok

Guitar plugging version of Wild World dedicated to Barang naik cronie$ :

Oh, baby, baby, it’s a wild world
It’s hard to get by just upon a smile ……..


Taiping Lake Garden should be renamed “Lapchaping Garden”!!!
(Lapchap = incongrous + rojak)
Anything heritage on the path of mindless development will be in danger of bastardization!

santhira kumar madhavan

I was born and raised in Taiping. It is one of the cities in Malaysia where tranquility still prevail due the greenery. These are few left like Kuala Kubu Baru and Kampung Janda Baik.
Please stop these developments.


I am very disappointed with BN’s Chairman for Taiping YB Tan Lian Hoe at her attitude towards citizens’ concern and/or criticism which she was quick to construe as, quote: “polticising the issue”. Such a remark only demonstrates her arrogance and is uncalled for. These people simply have no class, no knowledge or appreciation of nature. The natural beauty of Taiping Lake Gardens has for decades been the magnetic pull of visitors and tourists from all over the world and we don’t need sourvenir stalls to create eyesore for the Lake Gardens! In the first place, why wasn’t people of Taiping… Read more »

tan tanjong bungah

Hi Jong, Now, the BN Taiping Chairman YB Tan L H, and a Deputy Minister, has the cheek to say that people are politicising the issue! So, this Gerakan MP has a mouth-and-no brain disease to accuse environmentalists, nature lovers and Taiping residents of politicising the ‘rape’ of Taiping Lakes Gardens issue! Can’t she picture the out-of-sync kiosks in the Lake Gardens, that such monstrous structures are going to destroy the tranquility and serenity of the Gardens? Let her go down to the ground in Taiping to gauge the sentiments of the Taiping residents, whether they want such man-made structures… Read more »


Correction, Tan Lian Hoe is MP for Gerik.
She is also Wanita Chief of Gerakan and currently
Deputy Minister for Domestic Trade, Co-operative and Consumerism.
The MP for Taiping is Nga Kor Ming of Dap.

tan tanjong bungah

Hi Jong,

Yes, she is a current MP of Gerik, but UMNO is demanding back the seat from Gilakan! At the same time, Gilakan is retaking the Taiping constituency from PPP in the next GE!

So, I believe, this Taiping BN Chairman YB (Yang Bodoh?) Tan is the front-runner amongst Gilakan hopefuls to stand in Taiping in the 13GE!! As if it would make any difference as feedback from sentiments of my friends and relatives that whoever BN field in Taiping indicates that he/she is going to suffer a very heavy beating!!


No worry, Nga Kor Ming of Pakatan/DAP can slip her into his pocket effortlessly! 😀

tan tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, One of Anil’s blog readers has mentioned that the RM3.6 million cost would translate to something like RM220 000 per kiosk! With RM220 000, one can build a spacious 2-storey house in Taiping area! As usual UMNO Baru’s and BN’s projects are always highly overpriced, and you know the reason why!! No price for guessing! Price aside, the Lake Gardens in its natural state is already a tourist attraction, no need to ‘deface’ the gardens with man-build structures!! As Anil rightly stated “These guys can’t bear to see any untouched green space.” Why? Is it because they are… Read more »


The same is true for Penang’s treks to Pantai Keracut. See how much ‘development’ has changed the entrance facade @ once upon a time The End Of The World seafood restaurant (now no more) leading into the forest reserve. Building carpark, forestry dept & the silly entrance gate! Who would want to steal into the forest of forbidden mysteries & nature’s hazards? If you try hiking up a few hundred metres of mortared/cemented jungle treks with sharp edges, you sense of enjoyment of Nature will truly be lost to the constant attention to these dangerous implementations of man’s foolishness (or… Read more »

Ahmad Sobri

Leave Taiping lake gardens alone! Yes, leave it alone. Make it a tourists destination? It already is, whoever visits Taiping will visit the lake gardens. No need to make it another “tourists area”! Thank you. Who are these people behind the “good intention” to make Lake gardens a better place? Your guess is as good as mine, even a standard six pupil can tell you who is behind this. Do not believe? Just go to Taiping and ask the kids. This place sudah bangkit and they can see all the schemings for a fistful of ringgits and all from….? You… Read more »

Sze Tho

Sounds like another moneymaking scheme!

It’s a botanical garden, and should not be mixed up with unnecessary commercial development. Let’s hope common sense prevails.