Saving Sungai Ara – and the PIL threat


The popular linear park of Sungai Ara (River of Figs) is likely to be severely compromised by the six-lane Pan Island Link flying over it, with its huge pillars rising from the river banks.

The above video by Andrew Ng is worth watching to see what is at stake for the river, awarded cleanest river status in 2015 – especially in view of the plans for the highway.

We have to be grateful to folks like Andrew, Dr Kam Suan Pheng and Rexy Prakash Chacko for the great work they are doing in raising social-environmental awareness.

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Cygnus Knight

GEORGE TOWN, Dec 21 — The Penang government renewed its collaboration with Think City and the Aga Khan Trust for Culture for another three years to complete key public realm improvement projects in the heritage zone.

Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow said the three partners agreed to the extension with the aim of completing the North Seafront conservation works at Fort Cornwallis and the establishment of a Maritime Museum in the Syed Alatas Mansion.


Why so long no discussion on food in Penang?


We have frequent shrieking + shrie-ing of cheap wan ton mee! BUT not appetising nor arousing craving at all!


Want chip food and orso want to pay peanut salary. Owner, wife and helper get 1.8k and total salary is 5.4 k. Tun lang quietly still want chip one and will not shriek or strip on this.

Elvin Ang

To Shriek and Tunglang, please remember ‘Let it Be’ and forget your differences!


Demo cracy to consider many opinions and differences as different people look from different angle.


Your one ton mee is too heavy and kopi o kau kau is to black which is wose than the Ganges river shouting by you.


Where is Shrie???

Cygnus Knight

10 New Cafes in Penang To Visit by 2019

Hairin can try can give us food review.


Many local tourists from KL now hunting for food. Dont want them to help raising the prices. Stay low keep good ones away from them.
Merry xmas to you all.


Developer’s apartments very handy. Otherwise tourists have to martial art at wong fei Hoong inns


If I were a fish swimming from upstream Sg. Ara to Sg Keluang, my experience would be akin to travelling in Ganges River from Tibet to Pariyar (in Uttar Pradesh).
In fact, some small streams in Relau Hill & Balik Pulau Hill are also affected by new hill land owners who indiscriminately realigned river flows to their farms, bungalows or private dams (for free water source) affecting the water catchment downstream.
Are gomen officials doing checks of such illegal activities?


Nope, they are busy checking 1MDB and UMNO leaders.


Tun lang spinning again? Never hear you been to India? U been to Tibet? Why no complain Chinese gomen build high altitude train. So convenient. Ganges is even untouchable. Very dirty than ara many times over. Just aggerate.blowing water.


In the small towns, the super-rich have even more freedom to run amok at the cost of the commons and biomes. They are protected as they rub shoulders with the officials, e.g. at the local club. They want their mansions, gardens, clubs and even graves to be on cool, elevated land – acessible by 4-wheel drive. So much better if they can divert a stream and have the property facing an “auspicious” direction. They want others save the planet while they wallow in hedonism.


Very true! The last time I visited my godfather (my mom’s brother) homestead in Relau Hill which was sold 40 yrs ago, the neighbouring farm lands (also sold) were botak-ed (yes, no standing trees) for grand bungalows, some built on steep slopes. And some of these properties have stream diversions to their dream lands for want of free water either b’cos of high costs of PBA water amenity or kia-su mentality of getting free water! Can buy & build exclusive hill bungalows but cannot afford PBA water amenity! I wonder how these richie bungalows managed their human, trash + water… Read more »


Spin again. Not they are costly but how to bring the pipe 10 to 30 km away? Even if the pipe reaches the place there is no water. The friction is very high.


What friction? Pls get English tuition!


Tun lang you tech no logy. There are frictions inside the pipelines. Spin to say you went to China. See how much pumping required in the grand canal to make the water flow thousand km from south to north

Cygnus Knight

Malaysia is entering 2019 with unsold completed residential units rising to 30,115 units as at Sept 30, 2018, an increase of 48.35% from the 20,304 units a year ago.


Let’s remember a brave Malaysian fireman. Sedih Hari Ini Malaysia:
“Ya kita balik sama-sama, tapi abang dalam keadaan kaku… Tenanglah” – Tunang Adib

V Ramesh

Somehow Waytha became scapegoat.
The true villains are those who attack the temple first.


A number of factors contributed to the 2 day riots which were actually manageable, sans the excuses of a religious place as off limits for law enforcement when there were visible criminals threatening lives at the scene ie the temple. The Polis was so slow & indecisive to say the least. What is PULAPOL training for? Where was Special Branch when they could have had info earlier to corner the culprits before any chance of them trespassing & threatening & robbing the Indian Temple. If the many Indians were so fast to come to the aid of their fellow devotees… Read more »


Tony AA everyone can fly. PH everyone can enjoy the cool view of SG ara.


most penang folks support PIL. Scream democracy day in day out yet have no respect for democracy, slam road building yet driving day in day out, aggressively promoting bus transport yet never take bus themselves, scream free speech yet censor critics… wonder no sane people take them seriously..


Yup, we need more highways so that there is less trafic jam.


Rubbish thrown to drains flow into river!

Zhuang Shang

Human waste and food waste all end up in river because no proper sewerage system.


Why pg forum no go and educate peng land lang? Tun lang will be best in screaming message across. How about online signing up. Can get half orso good.


Can’t play the video bro


No problem watching