Reclaiming our streets: Park(ing) Day in George Town on 19 September


This is a novel initiative to show what it would be like if we have more park space in the city rather than more parking lots. It is part of an annual worldwide event where artists, designers and citizens transform parking spaces into temporary public parks.

The goal is to “call attention to the need for more urban public space, to generate critical debate around how public space is created and allocated, and to improve the quality of our urban habitat.”


Only nine parking spaces are left available for Park(ing) Day on 19 September!

How can you get involved?

As an individual, as a group or as a business, register your interest in taking over a city centre parking space for the day. Present your team and your idea.

You can also activate your space by sharing something in one of the pop up parks. The organisers will be linking PARK(ing) Day teams with street performers, artists and those with a positive message.

Also, if you have some materials you would like to donate or see “upcycled” to form part of a temporary public space, please get in touch with the organisers, Penang Institute.

Hurry up! Register online now at by Friday, 11 September!

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Now that we can only Cuti-cuti Malaysia with our devalued Ringgit, you can attend the free local travel forum by Chok Yen Hau (currently his Self-guide Travel Malaysia book is #1 bestseller at Popular Book store) tomorrow 12 September 2015, 2pm at Komtar 59Sixty.



Actually i do wonder how much Pg govt lives up to its slogan of a cleaner and a greener Penang. Few days ago i visited some friends in Penang and i noticed that opposite the Pos Office, Pulau Tikus some tress are gone, chopped off, why??? Also, i noticed that the streets are not as clean especially those lorongs around the coffee shops. I popped in Bandar Baru minimarts in Pulau Tikus and i was shock to see the front parking space was full of papers and plastic bags littered everywhere. Also, i read from the papers that Penang rivers… Read more »


There is a difference between ‘cleaner and greener’ and ‘cleanest and greenest’. The gap can only be closed by the civic consciousness of the people, as littering caused by human beings who choose not to dispose garbage or rubbish even if bins are provided.

To have clean river, first you must have a proper sewerage system.
But in Malaysia, the toilet wastes are likely to be discharged directly to the stream.


Benny, in that case provide bins and impose fines on litterbugs. Civic mindedness needs to be taught from young actually.

It has been 7 years since Dap took over Penang. Yes, there are improvement compared to the previous useless admin but i find that more needs to be done.

Is Pg any greener now ? How many tress have they planted ? How about the road condition, esp all the main roads, are you guys, Penang lang happy ?

gk ong

Impose fine on litterbugs?

Knowing the behavior of Penangites, it could be politically suicidal? Just look at the Penangites who protested vehemently to banning smoking inside kopitiam!


So few comments lately with Yang taking early retirement from cyber world?


Most probably the twister yang has had lost all its steam when his buddy tunglang started to disown him. His last straw has been broken, poor thing…

Lies cant last too long, time will tell how long will 1pm last. 1pm was once very much despised by yang but twister came and 1pm has now become yang’s beloved ??? !!!

Stylo Logan

Be careful if you are bringing along your dog, as certain community can be easily offended.


Benny, what is wrong is wrong. It is more of the issue of hygiene !!!


Lim, I merely echoed Logan’s advice that such matter can be sensitive quoting the Tesco incident. Nobody would dare to complain if it is a cat but not a dog. Hygiene matter is subjective (not wrong or right) as a pet lover can sleep with pet on the same bed.


Sad case. There was a news in UK where dogs are trained to detect cancer in humans. A owner found her dog often stiff at her and doc found potential cancer at that spot. She went for immediately and was cured


If you don’t have an opened 3rd eye, a dog is a good extended 3rd eye & camera.
A dog also has more loyalty to its master than any person.
And a dog is a good listener to your rantings without replying with disheartening comments nor give a like or dislike.
Finally, a dog will walk you in the park when the soul needs ‘refreshing’.


Dear benny, zoro n tunglang,

Yes, i appreciates dogs and am still missing my family’s german shepherd… And your furry friend will walk you till your last…

The Tesco’s incident was not so much about dogs but irresponsible humans, the owner of the dog to be precise.

When the animals poo or urinate, they become hygienic issue.