Imagine a city with fewer cars: Park(ing) Day in George Town


Over 40 teams of Penangites were involved in creating mini pop-up public parks on 50 parking lots scattered around the heritage zone of George Town on 19 September.

This was a project spearheaded by Penang Institute and MBPP.

Check out the photos and write-up by Francis Loh on the Aliran website which goes on discuss the broader issue of ordinary people reclaiming ‘the Commons’.

Have a look at the full gallery of photos here. And visit the community facebook page.

The video below shows the Park(ing) Day experience in San Francisco:

Imagine a city with fewer cars and more green spaces. Before change can happen, we need to dream and visualise what is possible. Park(ing) Day in George Town was a step in that direction.

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9 Feb 2017 12.40am

Parking in Spore is very disciplined. All parking lots are drawn in perfect rectangle.Other than side parking, all drivers practise reverse parking. The advantages of perfect rectangle parking lots is to maximise land space. Secondly, it is easier to reverse into a perfect rectanglar lot, thereby encouraging drivers to do just that. Another advantage is that, drivers cannot ‘rob’ your parking lot when you are reversing into it, because the car behind will have difficulty trying to drive head first. Put up notices to inform visitors to reverse park. Penang island should construct more 5 storey public parking complex, like… Read more »

6 Oct 2015 12.27pm

Singapore’s radical new transport plan
GovInsider talks to Liu Feng Yuan, director of government analytics, about a partnership creating public transport on-demand.

kuning cilik
kuning cilik
7 Oct 2015 1.12pm
Reply to  benny

Singapore will forever be ahead of Bolehland.

3 Oct 2015 2.15pm

Visit any civilised, democratic city where the people control the politicians. You will be shocked by the wonderful facilities maintained for ordinary people.

3 Oct 2015 4.57pm
Reply to  glissantia

Example, Australian cities like Melbourne, Scandinavian countries, Canadian cities like Toronto, New Zealand & some Asian cities in Japan & Taiwan.

Aman Central Kid
Aman Central Kid
3 Oct 2015 9.43am

Najib should promote layman’s local products at Milan Expo e.g. Pak Ali Jeruk, Ah Lang Bat Kut Teh, Samy Pasembur so that the world knows Bolehland delicacies.

1 Oct 2015 5.15pm
1 Oct 2015 4.52am

These mini gardens occupying car space isn’t it illegal?

johan Khun Pana
johan Khun Pana
30 Sep 2015 6.29pm

Anyone visited Crabs Island/Pulau Ketam in Klang ?
It is so peaceful and tranquil. the only noise pollution is the occasional
bicycle bell ringing.
Hopefully the above project is a success and people of the area & visitors welcomes it.
Maybe a start to get rid of the ‘jaga kereta” nuisance.
The same can’t be said about Kuala Lumpur. As restaurants put their tables & chairs on parking bays and roadside.

1 Oct 2015 10.13am

It is a common practice for local restaurants to place their tables and chairs on the roadside and parking bays al fresco style but this endangers the eating customers and motorists!

30 Sep 2015 1.48pm

KL to introduce road pricing for 2017 once the MRT is in place, according to a report on The Sun today.

But Malaysians shun public transportation and prefer to go fast and furious with their own car!

Penang should restrict more cars into the city centre by providing free shuttle service.