Don’t cement, pave our neighbourhood green spaces: Residents sign petition


A small, quiet neighbourhood in Tanjung Bungah has come out strongly against the laying of concrete and paving on their small park and green strips near their homes.

Twenty-six residents have signed a petition addressed to the Public Works Department (JKR) and the Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP) saying NO to the ill-conceived plan.

The petition reads:

Kami, penduduk-penduduk di kawasan Jalan Taman SeaView, Waburton, Pakawali dan Pelangi membantah sebarang cadangan untuk meletak simen di atas tempat hijau di depan rumah kita. (We, the residents of Jalan Taman SeaView, Waburton, Pakawali and Pelangi oppose any plan to lay concrete/cement on the green spaces/strips in front of our homes.)

residents say no to concrete on greens

This is what happens when questionable projects are introduced which are not wanted by residents. This is what happens when there is no participatory decision making and zero consultation with residents.

railings in front of park

I would be the first one to support decent pavements in town, but as you can see here, there is virtually no one using the pavements most of the day. It is hardly a priority area that you have to build a pavement around a little green, shrinking the little park in the process.

Will the strips of green in front of the houses disappear as well?
Will the strips of green in front of the houses disappear as well?

So who approved this project complete with long stretches of railings in the middle of a quiet neighbourhood? Who profits/benefits from the contract?

railings around green 1

‘Development’ for whom?

Congratulations to the residents for taking a firm stand!

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Awang Selamat Ori

Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely! Who can be sure the (administration) in Penang is absolutely corruption free? Such questionable projects? The side railings are absolutely dangerous for moving cars! It is too close to the roads, besides it makes the whole place looks like a zoo. This project does not benefit the residents, only the contractors and relevant people. Can LGE guarantees that there is no hanky panky in his administration? Too many questionable and suspicious projects had come out lately which are not in the interests of Penangnites. Something is seriously wrong in Penang. The MACC must come… Read more »


Our state goverment seems to discourage the greening of Penang. Besides all the cement pavements, the other example is the recent increase in PBA water rate. Higher volume consumers are hit with water surcharge rate and rate increase. Not all high volume consumers waste water indiscrimately. I have 7 occupants in my household, which is below the magic number 8, required for 60% discount on surcharge rate. I plant vege to save on my market bill so that i can send my kids to tuitions, and I try to beautify neighbourhood by planting flowering shrubs in my garden and outside… Read more »


Adopt an underprivileged kid to make magic number 8. Why not?

Grow plants that need not too much watering as an option.

PenangLang must have creative ideas to overcome the odds.