The Penang Island map they won’t want you to see

Landslide hazard map of Penang Island - Journal of Civil Engineering Research, USM, 2014

It is not that difficult to predict which areas of Penang Island are most prone to landslides with a high degree of accuracy (almost 80%). The research has been done.

Colour code:
Red – Highly hazardous areas
Green – Hazardous
Blue – Moderately hazardous
White – Not hazardous

This map of Penang Island was published in a paper titled “Landslide Hazard Mapping of Penang Island Using Poisson Distribution with Dominant Factors” written by Lea Tien Tay, Mutasem Sh. Alkhasawneh, Habibah Lateh, Md Kamrul Hossain, and Anton Abdulbasah Kamil from USM’s Engineering Campus and its School of Distance Education. The paper was published in the Journal of Civil Engineering Research in 2014 – three years ago.

The map is based on 11 dominant factors (selected from 22 factors) responsible for landslides. According to the researchers the 11 factors are distance from drainage, rugosity, height, slope gradient, diagonal length, surface area, distance from fault line, rain, aspect, geology and soil texture.

In an earlier paper “Probabilistic landslide hazards and risk mapping on Penang Island”, published in the Journal of Earth System Science in 2006, researchers Saro Lee of the Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources and Biswajeet Pradhan compared landslide location data with a probabilistic model and found an accuracy of 80%.

This was one of the maps included in their paper:

Besides this, the following is an easy-to-understand video explaining the safety factor of slopes, which is a function of resistance force of the slope compared to its driving force. The video shows, among other things, that slope stability is more sensitive to the water content in the soil rather than soil cohesion.

In the Chee Seng Garden of Tanjung Bungah, some have heard the sounds of water coming from the slopes above. One resident described this as the sound of a waterfall. It is believed that are a number of hidden streams and small rivers on the hills in Tanjung Bungah. What happens if any of these streams are obstructed or diverted by development projects on the slopes?

As a parting note, take a look at these two incidents of what happens when risk factors have not been fully understood:

Check out the almost vertical slopes behind this row of houses in Tanjung Bungah. And what driving force pressured the road to collapse? Was there a stream on the slope behind this row of houses?

And here is what happens when streams or drains are diverted by hill-slope projects:

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Except for distance from fault line and geology, the factors listed also determine the danger of flooding and the requirement for drainage.

Though the dogs bark, the “cepat kaya” caravan will go on. If it is not the developer, builder or private contractor, it is the colluding official, conveyancing lawyer or infrastructure builder.


Or the real estate speculators.


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Simple graph and yet pg lang no eyes see? In fig 1, about 70% of the island is 62m and above ie almost equivalent to 250 king foot height. Look about 30% green. Yet pg lang quietly enjoy ang hei durian planted on forbidden hillslopes. Shout one side but hiding on the other end.


Kelantan Deputy Menteri Besar Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah has admitted that Kelantan is lagging behind other states in development, but said it is deliberate. This so that its people do not get “left behind,” according to him.

“We admit that our (the state’s) physical development is slow. But it is on purpose to ensure the rakyat can enjoy the development.


Penang Forum would be proud of PAS Kelantan.


No development in Kelantan yet the forest are cleared for logging profits. Kelantan folks have to earn their living as far as Singapore. PAS cannot fool the people based on religion alone. Need money to feed the mouth. How to have spiritual growth when the stomach is hungry and the children are malnourished? Vote for change.


Don’t fight your enemies, save your loved ones – memorable quote from The Last Jedi (Star Wars movie).

So if you love the hills, go save them, and don’t fight.


A good message for PCCC over the 50 Lave Lane issue.


Because of 50 Love Lane (Anil could have forgotten a write-up on this tussle), there will be no 2018 CNY festival traditionally held in heritage area.

May be Gelakan joint effort with Patrick Poi of kaffa look fame, and MCA Penang will bring in Gangnam Style 2 festivals at Han Chiang since GE14 expected right after CNY? Calling Jho for funding as CSR for Penang lang?


The Penang Chi­nese New Year Celebrations 2018, themed ‘Searching For The Beauty of Penang’, will be held along Gat Lebuh Armenian and Lebuh Cannon on Feb 25, after a “heroine” has managed to rope in 95 volunteers, 16 performers, 57 hawkers and 15 cultural units to keep it going.