Hill degradation: Penang Forum steering committee to meet chief minister tomorrow


Some 16 steering committee members of Penang Forum, a loose Penang civil society network, are scheduled to meet the Penang chief minister tomorrow afternoon at Komtar to discuss property development on hill land in Penang and illegal hill clearings.

Following ‘Penang Forum 6: Save the hills’ at Dewan Sri Pinang on 12 December, the chief minister had invited Penang Forum steering committee members to a meeting.

At the forum, participants were alarmed to see the extent of property development on the hills of Penang and the extent to which the hills have been scarred, even above the threshold of 250 feet above sea level and on slopes apparently greater than 25 degrees.

The chief minister claimed that the Pakatan administration had not approved any development on hill land above 250 feet, and these were ‘special projects’ carried over from the BN administration.

He also claimed that the speakers at the forum had been “misinformed” by the BN and certain members of the media.

All the speakers at the forum are expected to be present for the meeting tomorrow during which these issues are expected to be thrashed out.

It should be interesting, to say the least. Stay tuned.

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Penang Forum please advise where to build houses in Penang island.

gk ong

How long could the speculators keep their condominiums unoccupied, without rental income, before creditors come to them?


This Bukit Kukus (shown above) has been gradually botak-ed since 2012 (or earlier). One can see lorries loaded full of earth removing them from the site daily. Is it a source of earth (valued for sale) for land reclamation use??? For 5 years this has been going on in the name of land development for housing. I dreaded one fine day, the Naga decides enough is enough & lashes its tail – resulting in a massive landslide onto the innocent houses just next to this site. Anil, I submitted some pics for the Pg Forum on 3rd December. Upload them… Read more »


Already sent this morning – Bukit Kukus Gone! Total 9 pics.


Somehow there is still a difference, a big difference between a Pakatan’s CM and a BN’s CM, only those who have eyes can see !!!

Thks to Penang Forum for doing a good job !!! Yes, no more hill cuttings, no more land reclamation !!!


Next election Gerakan can make a comeback if it can capitalise on this issue.


The big difference is – more & daring hill cuttings in Penang.
Q: Where is enforcement or strict rulings (sans special projects excuses)?
Q: How about changing the rules of the ‘game’ – hefty fines + 10 yr jail sentences for CEOs of developer firms caught flouting the rules? No ‘pain’, no fear of hill cutting.