Penang folks urged to contribute to flood relief


The Penang state government is appealing for contributions in kind of milk powder, sanitary towels and potable water.

These items can be sent to Kompleks Masyarakat Penyayang (Puan Salbiah Bt Samsudin 04 2264531/04 2277413) during working hours from 8.00am to 5.00pm.

There is already enough used clothing for distribution, said Penang state executive councillor for welfare, caring society and the environment Phee Boon Poh in a statement.

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It is sad to hear reports that DAP politicians who had come around to distribute aid to flood victims at a relief centre in Kluang, Johor, were shooed away by the Kluang local authorities.

Why still play politics in times of crisis?


Top news : Air Asia flight from Surabaya to Singapore missing.


KOTA BAHARU: Prime Minister Najib Razak today announced a special aid of RM500 million for flood victims in the states affected by the disaster. He said the fund would be managed fully by the National Security Council (MKN) and it would be disbursed after the conclusion of the floods. Selangor with a 3 billion coffer is willing to give out only 1 million and still want to boast. Meanwhile the Penang govt is offering only 10k and asking the people to contribute. Now this is what we called a caring BN govt. that really look after the welfare of… Read more »

Ed G

Contributions from Penang and Selangor are mainly based on compassionate grounds no different from Malaysia’s contribution to Aceh’s tsunami victims In contrast, the Federal government has a direct responsibility towards the welfare of disasters victims anywhere in Malaysia. It is not a question of being caring (which sounds kind of optional) but the duty and responsibility of the Federal Government. In fact, the responsibilities of the Federal government is much higher than the governments of the affected states given the fact that they are equipped with most of the nations resources (financial, manpower, hardware etc.). The RM500 million pledged by… Read more »


Yes compassionate in sending it only to Kelantan.

gk ong

It was reported before that the donations towards th Aceh Tsunami fund did not reach the intended victims, as the money had to go through the ‘warlords’.


I thought Anil should have deleted/censored the last 2 irrelevant paragraphs.
Such BN cybertrooper is known to label people stupid on many occasions.
They cannot debate on ideas but use personal attacks.
My guess is Anil is allowing this to create more controversy among readers to boost viewership, or perhaps he is afraid to agitate BN cybertrooper for fear of repercussion?

This is my last comment for this blog until a proper action is taken.


owc ; Why did you not complain of the many Pakatan sycophants that call others stupid and idiot. Just remember there is always a tic tac for everything. Ask yourself first before making such complaint

Ed G

The blog is just an open forum that allows active participation in which readers are given space to share their views and opinions. Under such a circumstance, there would be instances that some of the commenters get carried away by turning their comments on fellow commenters instead of the issues on hand. But then, why should we be affected by such comments, even if they are derogatory or caustic in nature, if our real identities are not even known? Our role is only significant to the extent of sharing our views, experience, knowledge and at times counter opinions with the… Read more »