Now you see them; now you don’t – Hills in Penang vanishing before our very eyes!


These hills are being cut in full view of the public. You can see them just on the left (in the direction of 8 o’clock) as soon as you pass through the toll booth of the first Penang Bridge, as you head towards Penang Island.


Why are these hills being cut? Who is cutting them? Who is responsible for monitoring these hills? Who gave approval for these hills to be cut? Does anyone really care?

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Don Anamalai

Botak Hill in Johor, see the picture on Malaysiakini:


We are all “cutting off the branch on which we are hanging” as someone said. Each one seems to be competing to be crazier. Is the West which offers “underdeveloped” countries so much free advice – but no free tech – any better? What are they up to? Check this out.

Phua Kai Lit

Here in Klang Valley, we have new “hills” rising up all over the place.
Hills = mega-sized condo blocks.


Penang is now at the cross road: Land no more, sea cannot, hill also cannot, what can be done aahh ?
Just standstill and die standing ?


Look like one side is the Batu Maung side most probably near the Loft condo a high end condominium at RM1,300 per sq ft. All those areas are now being razed almost flat. Go from the Lim Chong Eu highway and go straight until the end when you reach Batu Maung and you will see the hill brown patches slowly being razed.


This is part of squeezing wealth from nature. Now, Bolehland even reclaims land from the sea for frivolous purposes. A few days ago, the pundits told us of their discovery that sea levels will rise – surprise, surprise! Is that why hills are being levelled and sand sold to a certain Little Red Dot?

gk ong

In order not to cut hills for housing, Penang could possibly think of creative ways to build homes on caves (either natural ones or excavated ones) like in Turkey, or live underground as sPICE has shown.


Is this on the island, mainland, or pulau jerejak?


I think it is inevitable that some hills have to be cleared for new housing due to population growth in Penang, so long as it is done without too much damage to the surrounding area.


This deceitful cat diverted all of you from botak hill. All of you will still be sleeping if not for the Anil blogs` awareness that brought this up. We all have better wake up and tendang this cat out before its too late.

tua kee lang

Yang should boycott RM100 state gomen gift for seniors when he reaches 60 ?


I follow like what DAP always tell the people to do in every election. Take their money or whatsoever, screwed them hard and vote us. So if I am eligible am I wrong to follow what DAP teaches us.


Yes follow their advise. Take Pakatan CAT money, screwed them hard and vote BN. Money cannot buy us whether its BN or Pakatan CAT or defacto. We have our mind to decide and shall decide what we think is the right thing to do

Ed G

Every cloud has a silver lining, as the saying goes.