Mysterious scaffolding on Botak Hill spotted

Photograph: 3 May 2015

Perhaps the MBPP can explain what this scaffolding on Bukit Relau is all about.

The photo was taken by an alert nature enthusiast on 3 May 2015.

And here’s another photo from a farther distance back.

Botak Hill scaffolding 3 May 2015a

Someone suggested (I am not sure if he was joking) the scaffolding was to support a ‘Welcome to Penang’ sign up there, similar to the landmark sign in Hollywood.

Hollywood sign - Photograph: Wikipedia
Hollywood sign – Photograph: Wikipedia

You don’t think so? Okay, you tell me what you think the scaffolding is for, then!

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There’s another site clearing on botak hill now. Excavators are being used as i write. Can see it clearly from my office. The location is a few meters below than botak hill…seems it’s been running since Hari Raya.

Pak Tim

Anil, isn’t there a local law that says no development about a certain elevation? What is the height of that elevation?

Joo Kok

Likely for (developer) signage.


I think this sort of problem only needs to report to YB Teh Adun of Tanjung Bungah.
He is very wise in judging all of those wrong doings and oversights of MBPP.


Anil, there seems to be a trend these days for some folks to post unrelated links to the threads. Can we get rid of these/

Black Widow

PM & DPM have heart to heart talk to resolve 1MDB differences ? Can Botak Hill fiasco being resolve likewise with heart to heart talk among the concerns ?

BTW, I have not seen DPM looked so “muram” on TV; what you think ?


There are around 336,000 new private residential units in the pipeline in Johor – more than the total number of private homes in Singapore. And this does not include the 1,400ha of reclaimed land near the Tuas Second Link, which will be developed from 2020 onwards. In the light of rising concerns about this oversupply of private properties across the Causeway, the Singapore government will ramp up efforts to raise awareness of the risks involved in buying overseas property.


The hill is to be developed and the scaffolding is there to hang our blindfolds.

LGE tak boleh

The botak slopes are exposed to erosion and scouring. Sooner or later the scaffolding will be gone


Sooner or later the scaffolding will be gone
And houses and condo will be there


And the recalcitrants on the hill will build a CAT Shrine dedicated to Venerable Niao Kong! No need to go to lowland temples & inadvertently rub sweaty, smelly shoulders with the bo bin chui locals.
Begitulah gaya mewah sekelompok manusia-tak-manusia yang hanya mementingkan hidup mewah sendiri.