Muar smog reaches hazardous level


The smog hanging over Johor and Singapore has reached unhealthy levels, with Muar posting an alarming hazardous reading of 383 at 11.00am.

Imaage: DOE Malaysia
Image: DOE Malaysia

According to the Department of the Environment’s classification, an Air Pollutant Index reading of more than 300 is deemed hazardous.

In Singapore, the PSI reading at 12.00pm was 169 – 196, an unhealthy level.

This is another grim reminder that we ignore the envionment in pursuit of development at our peril.

We cannot pin all the blame for the smog on Indonesia. Who exactly is responsible for the open burning in Indonesia? The big plantation firms or the smallholders? And how many of them are Malaysian-owned?

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21 Jun 2013 12.12am

Well, maybe the haze problem will disappear when they run out of forests to clear and burn? Forest use to cover 60% in Sumatra in the mid 80’s and dwindled to 30% around 2008.

20 Jun 2013 10.03pm

It is the annual Haze Festival i suppose….

20 Jun 2013 8.06pm

It’s time to take our the face mask again.. This has been going on for eons, and we all know who teh culprits are and why! Be it Singapore or Malaysia all are to shoulder the blame because other than oil from Petronas,. palm oil is the next source of revenue for all these three nations! How else and when else to plant oil palm and rid the unsaleable timber and old palm oil trees without incurring higher costs! The fact that investors took their plantations to Indonesia is because of their cheap everything especially land, labour and disposals! You… Read more »

20 Jun 2013 6.34pm

UMNO antenna collapse, we blame it on the storm, on global warming and on to the local developers. What about Indonesia and the whole world.??? So as I have said many times, don`t blame everything on our developers. Our govt must be proactive on such issues and problems. Penang PR DAP and Selangor PR have taken the initiative but the BN UMNO govt is still dragging its feet and keep on approving projects such as Lynas, Petrochemical making their cronies rich but damaging and detrimental to the environment, health and safety of the people

20 Jun 2013 1.10pm

Do not be surprised if those burning oil plantation is owned by Malaysian companies, employing ‘slash & burn’ to cut cost!

Need to exert pressure on these companies!

21 Jun 2013 4.28pm
Reply to  Mimi

DAP is for new laws to impose sanctions against Malaysian companies and foreign companies in Malaysia that contribute to the haze.

Its secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said Kulai MP Teo Nie Ching has been directed to propose amendments to the Environmental Quality Act via an urgent motion in parliament next week, and urged MPs to back to proposal.

kuih lapis @ GK
kuih lapis @ GK
20 Jun 2013 1.08pm

That is Indonesian gomen problemlah. THey should act tough against the bakar-bakar companies. Who cares the bakar-bakar companies owners if Indonesian gomen fine, jail or closing any bakar-bakar companies.

You see. Corruption happens everywhere.