More footage of dolphins in Penang


Here is video footage of what looks like about a dozen dolphins frolicking not far from the Penang Bridge.

This video was shot by Kai Hong a couple of days ago.

If only we can clean up our surrounding waters, what wonders lie in wait for us, especially the Angels of the Deep.

Imagine the waters around Penang, teeming with rich marine life and people scuba diving and swimming … Impossible?

First, we have to ensure that all effluent is properly treated and neutralised before reaching the sea.

Second, tight controls are needed on property development around the coast.

Third, strict controls and penalties imposed on ships discharging toxic waste into the sea.

And finally, carefully study any land reclamation to ensure it doesn’t pollute the waters or harm marine life.

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Since small when i traveled between Pg and Mainland I could saw Dolphins will swim near by the Ferry. In Bali the Tourism Industries take care of them , feed them and make sure they always around the Island. The Tourist than need to pay to go and see them and feed them as well. In other word, if we take care of this Dolphin we can always see them for the young and future generation also pull he Tourist. but nearly 30 years of seeing them none have been done to preserve this by the local Authority, May be… Read more »

Wan Idris

Doplhins are back to support LGE’s team in the coming election!

Anthony Charles Louis

a thought: eating dolphin parts won´t give guys an erection!Better go jogging and the small blue pill helps bigtime.

Sarah Charles

Just a sharing ……. I have seen Dolphins plying along the Penang Channel a number of times in the past when I was living in Butterworth. As my home then, faced the Penang Channel, one could even see traffic moving along Weld Quay from the Butterworth side on a clear day. I recall vividly one very bright sunny afternoon in late September when I was seated in the veranda of my home, to see dolphins frolicking and making big splashes in the water. There were 5 of them, right in the middle of the sea and they were flipping into… Read more »


Dolphins free to roam in the sea is less stressful than those in captivity.
Penang can create a natural habitat to rival Spore’s Pink Dolphins in captivity/showcase at Sentosa.
It’s time for LGE and team to crack their grey cells to support these dolphins survival and regular visits so that tourist get to witness heritage and nature – a combo that sure jom meletup !


Hi Anil

That is a good idea.


dolphins only– any sharks //

Salak (@Salak97628845)

I thought you had meant “duyong”. Duyongs don’t swim! Dugongs do! 😆