Why massive land reclamation in Penang is not a great idea


Independent film producer Andrew Ng, winner of the Freedom Film Fest grant award, has come up with a new video on why Penangites should think twice about land reclamation.

Bear in mind, this is not an ethnic issue. In the southern coast of Penang Island, for instance, the fisher folk are pretty much a mixed bunch, reflecting the country’s ethnic diversity. Out of the 2,757 licensed fisherfolk in southern Penang Island, 1,550 (56%) are Malays, 1,071 (39%) are Chinese, 23 Indians and 131 “others”.

And 94% of them are against the southern reclamation project. We should be too, if we are concerned about protecting our supply of marine fish – rather than depending on imports from Thailand.

What do you think?

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Fishermen can over fish and delegate the marine life. Rakyat can dump more rubbish and plastic bags. More cars and hydrocarbons are washed down into longkangs and then into the open seas.

خليل الرحمن خالد

Next pru ubah

Zuwairi Md Yusof

Surcaj air cekik darah yg kami tolak


Air paling mahal di Johor. Penang paling murah.


Is deforestation for palm oil plantations bad for environment? What do you think, Mr Anil? European lawmakers apparently thought so and approved draft measures on Wednesday to ban the use of palm oil in motor fuels from 2021. The European Parliament, the executive European Commission and EU national governments must now negotiate a final draft of the legislation and approve it. This is a bad news for Felda, ahead of GE14? Malaysia has in the past threatened to cut off trade with countries that have vowed to reduce palm oil consumption. In July last year, Malaysia said it may review… Read more »


Penang South Reclamation project received approvals while politicians squabble.



According to Johor Menteri Besar Khaled Nordin, Forest City is only 0.01% the size of the Johor state.

So the Penang’s land reclamation should not be more than 0.01% of the state in order not be deemed ‘massive’?



Wan Junaidi’s nonsense excuses about land reclamation such as international boundaries is clear sign that UMNO/ BN is jealous of the project. In other words, no matter who environmentalist and fisherfolk vote for, it willl happen. With UMNO/ BN the project would be a wrecking ball like at Pengerang and lots of stealing rather than well planned and executed.

The only slim chance this can be stopped is if BN is out of Putrajaya and Penang gets its funding for public works from Federal Govt. THAT is the harsh reality of Malaysia politics.


Environmental issues now is secondary importance behind cost of living to B40 and even M40, while T20 too busy with creating lifestyles for the rest to follow to earn more buck$!

Ask the young ones and they are probably more exciting with latest Apps and not the fishes on the table.


The young generation today is living good life, and never bother to vent any anger on environmental and political issues. U2’s Bono on interview for Rolling Stone magazine said, “hip-hop is the only place for young male anger at the moment – and that’s not good”. He went on to explain: “When I was 16, I had a lot of anger in me. You need to find a place for it and for guitars.” Bemoaning a dearth of rock’n’roll in the charts, he said: “The moment something becomes preserved, it is f@#+ing over. You might as well put it in… Read more »


For that matter, consider our radio stations: repeating music from decades ago, each channel trying to please a specific audience. Even the array of songs is small.

Are the young poor in their persistence, priorities, values, etc.? What kind of world are they inheriting? The more knowledgable among them are well aware that in a decade or two, everything is almost certain to go belly-up, regardless of the best-intentioned and most heroic efforts.

The plunder by DAP reminds you of the last scene from the book Animal Farm.


Let’s hear the experts view from fishery department and how they could mitigate the issue of reclamation in Penang. They should be involved in the planning if they have not done it already. We should not limit readers view to a selected group only.


If ask fishery, they want more fishes, if ask farmer, they want more land. If ask young couple, they want a honeymoon home. If ask Kelantan gomen, less development. If ask sing, hk and Malaya gomen, they want more land for more economic activities. If look at fig 1 in usm slope risk plan, slightly over 25% of pg island is less than 200 king foot height. Pg is like singland and hongland. Yet no one wants to move to seberang. They want to live in Robert Stevenson treasure island

Niel F. Schubert

Melaka? Johor?


Local government and traffic management exco Chow Kon Yeow says the reclamation projects in Johor and Malacca are much closer to the nation’s maritime borders. He questions why the natural resources and environment minister Wan Junaidi has not opposed them as how he did the proposed Penang South Reclamation project, especially since the one in Johor was on the fringes of Malaysia’s border with Singapore.

Joseph Wilfred

In a way I have some respect for you Mr Netto. But I don’t understand why you were not so vocal during the Gerakan/BN lead government who did more damages. Are you just maturing! If you had done something at that time, post it together, I will feel justified!


Anil, some dudes expect you to be born before WW2 but not protested against the Holocaust if you now cry foul of the Palestinian homeless issues!
Long live Anil!


Some dudes are just selective and howl at own interest. Why no comment on over fishing and fishes are consuming hydrocarbon from cars wash down from longkang water wash into the seas?


10 year anniversary deserves a new year countdown with regular readers ? Potluck and maybe some good sponsors for ho chiak street food?


Don’t underestimate the “shyness”. If Anil can get his T20 fans to sponsor free Makan session, sure many uncles, aunties, ah peks can show up with children, grandkids to show support to sustain the blog to greater heights.


Slippery development like land reclamation can be reversed, but not the lost of fragile marine eco-system which cannot be resurrected nor recreated. It seems the long term food self-sufficiency (including fresh water) is not prioritised but put way last after the glitzy cosmopolitan showcase of brick + mortar + green glass facade egged on by greedy developers. Cosmo showcase for political portfolio? And as worse as it is, the believe & pursuit of exploding population as an excuse to build more + more holds no water for sustainability in the longer run. Dr.MadHatter first propounded the idea of bigger Malaysian… Read more »

Joseph Wilfred

What’s the hue and cry only now?


Can Look, But Cannot Buy (expensive properties)
Can Look, But Cannot ‘Chiah’ (imported Thai + Japanese seafood)
Can Look, But Cannot Dream (where got liveable Penang to 99% locals???)
Can Look Helplessly, But Cannot Overcome (annual muddy floods)

Can Just Look On With One Life (not with cat’s 9-life of opportunities)


No worries. One can lim kopi, eat one ton mee, blow cow, live in condo and drive 4wd.