Losing paradise in Langkawi


A distressed resident of Langkawi sent me these photos about the clearing of greenery in Pulau Tuba. Local speculation is that a factory is to be built here.

Bit by bit, the natural setting of this collection of islands – jewels of Nature in the Andaman – is being lost.

Are we witnessing the final curse of the legend of Mashuri, where the very prosperity Langkawi enjoys will prove to be its undoing?

Pulau Tuba 2

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gk ong
gk ong
1 Feb 2016 8.06pm

2016 is ‘Discover Kedah’ year to promote the state as a tourist site.

However, only Langkawi is heavily promoted by the state government, latest being direct Air Asia flight from Guangzhou, China. The rest of Kedah hinterland on the mainland is neglected and the poor people there will forever be deprived tourist dollars to improve thrir living.

It is a well known fact that the influential policy makers from Mahathir’s time have only Langkawi to take care for their personal investment intetests on the island.

9 Mar 2015 3.11pm

The latest episode of Amazing Race has shown that Phuket is a more hip place than Langkawi.

5 Mar 2015 10.22am

What a shame to destroy the Earth…..!
What a shame to cut down the people’s food and peaceful life to build a factory
Is money more important then nature and peoples???
Money you cannot eat, it can eat you!
The people on this still harmonious part of Pulau Tuba do not dare to speak, they DO NOT CONSENT
with the building of a gamat factory.

Thank you Anil, for making others aware of the destroying.

much love,

gk ong
gk ong
3 Mar 2015 11.19am

Langkawi is tageting Middle-easten tourists as BN Kedah is likely to follow BN Trengganu to impose dress codes for tourists and close all shops for 2 hours on Friday noon for prayer, on top of its no booze policy.

numb chucks
numb chucks
2 Mar 2015 8.56pm

Clear up for more high end resort in Langkawi? This island only attracts the rich ones. No night life booze to attract backpackers.