LIVE from KT: Nasi dagang next to river bank eyesore


k-terengganu-by-election-019A spectacular view marred by a landfill, which stretches hundreds of metres parallel to the KT river bank, next to Jalan Bandar

1200: We have lunch inside one of the old Chinese homes along the Terengganu River. The interior of the house is long, the century-old building having been extended closer and closer to the river-bank over the years.

One of the residents kindly invites us to lunch: nasi dagang, local rice with tuna fish wrapped in banana leaf and served with curry.

What would have been a fabulous view from the wooden verandah over the river bank is marred by a narrow landfill that stretches for hundreds of metres, parallel to the river banks.

A relative of the houseowner tells me the landfill was done for the Monsoon Cup. Whatever the reason, it has spoilt what would have been a terrific waterfront setting.

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Did anyone come across Otak-otak in KT? ;))

You sit down for breakfast over otak-otak, and ended up with lunch and dinner before noon!

Any news of Bus Loads of Zombies?


I love nasi dagang. Do keep us posted and thanks for the leg runs


I commend you on your quite excellent blog. Keep up the great work.