Live – 20000 paint Raub green


Some 20000 people have gathered in Raub for the Himpunan Hijau Raub gathering to protest against the use of cyanide and to press for the closure of a gold mining plant here.

Live – 20000 paint Raub green

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Himpunan Hijau @ Raub:


Ng Yen Yen should write a book on …”How to loose an election…”


For readers` info : Exposure to lower levels of cyanide over a long period (e.g., after use of cassava roots as a primary food source in tropical Africa) results in increased blood cyanide levels, which can result in weakness and a variety of symptoms, including permanent paralysis, nervous lesions,hypothyroidis, and miscarriages. Other effects include mild liver and kidney damage. And what if it is higher and the current cyanide are not plant but chemical cyanide which will make it even worse. The 20,000 people who have gathered in Raub for the Himpunan Hijau Raub to protest against the use of… Read more »


Its truly amazing that a once small sleepy town of Raub can gather over 20,000 like minds to a common cause. Its wonderful that Malaysians now realise that they can make a real change and not rely on their ever patronising (usually gerrymandered too) YBs.
Shocks after shocks now being registered in Malaysia’s Political Richter at unprecedented levels. From Sibu in the East and now Raub in the West, the BN dacing is barely able to balance and register anything worthy of posterity.

Gerakan K

You have raised a good point !!! Those people partly instigated by pakatan and many of them are imported from elsewhere just to give their supporters a feel good factor !!! Even irrelevant TBH families (celebrity or politician kah ???) went there for added umphhh.

That is what people say ‘manufactured protest’ or ‘planned drama’ to fish votes !!!

Gerakan K

To Yang:

You can’t blame people thumbs down your FOUL-MOUTHED comments. Be a gentleman please.


it is always a compliment to have ones comments hidden out of fear of exposure of a truth which may be inconvenient. Its an act of unmitigated cowardice to hide a comment and to comment on it adversely or to answer the criticisms raised theirein without the benefit of the comment itself to view. Thats the second leg of the backhanded compliment.

Commentary on the actions or omissions of others is part of the charatcer of a democratic society.

Shame …

Ong Goo Kang

Then could you please advise why this Himpunan Hijau event was not reported at all on today’s NST when it made headline news with pictures on frontpage of all Chinese Dailies?


Gerakan K I won,t blame or foul mouth anybody who thumb down me but I will definitely foul mouth you because you … cause havoc in the thumb down and up. Have you seen me foul mouth to any others. You want to play dirty … well we can also do that, Don’t try to act innocent here. I have seen your type once too many. You play gentlemen, I will do so. … A straight forward comment not lies to play innocent Don’t use or play play with Anil blog, Remember we can also play along. You are not… Read more »

Gerakan K

What computer wise are you talking about ??? If posting comment is considered computer-wise then Yes, I’m. However I still dunno how to post youtube movie in anil blog. Hmmm that prove a lot. By the way, I feel better with this new ‘rating’ system. At least it will slow down thumbs manipulator like the retired HM Andrew I. But I believe only matter of time that HM will crack open the new rating system. Old habit die hard.


TO THE IDIOT & MANIPULATOR It does not matter whether my comments has been manipulated to thumb down What matters is the people can still see my posting and understand the lies and deceits of the sycophants of Amo & … Gilakan who has no brain or s… in it and to use lies and deceits And in this the people here will know that we have a … MANIPULATOR, DECEIVER and a WANNABE born13th month … We have seen the thuggery, mobster, the corruption and scandal of UMO … and now we have seen it here in the Gilakan… Read more »

Gerakan K

The real target here is not environment but MCA MP Dato’ Sri Dr. Ng Yen Yen. It is pakatan lame campaign against HIGH PERFORMANCE Minister of Tourism.

Click thumbs up if you believe this is stupid gathering by pakatan supporters !!!


The Himpunan Hijau campaign is to make Malaysians more aware of the need to protect the environment and the green of the country. It has never been the aim of the campaign to discredit any minister let alone Ng Yen Yen. How can she be a high performance minister when she her ownself has no confidence of her own country until being appointed a back door minister. An example of why we need to protect the environment and ensure greenery is currently Penang and most of West Malaysia. The situation now on and off in these areas have been clouded… Read more »


How pathetic the Gilakan is !!!!
Manipulating & BEGGING for thumb up


Only words fitting for GK is pathetic, cheapskate …


When Najib & the likes of Ng Yen Yen is so way deep in the … hole. Its not really the why that matters, its about digging out …