IWK pipe discharges effluent into Batu Ferringhi River (Video)


A video reportedly shows effluent flowing into Batu Ferringhi River from a pipe connected to the IWK sewage treatment plant.

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NST’s reporting on this issue has scared away tourists from Penang beaches.


In the Star 9-2-14, LGE said the state govt has proof that the blackish water was discharged from IWK. IWK senior communication manager Sharul said the blackish water is not from their sewerage system. We want to know the truth. Since LGE said they have proof, then he must show us the proof otherwise he is liar.


NST reported otherwise.
Who to trust?

Desmond Lee

Dear Anil,

I met a guy today who build Rasa Sayang Hotel back in the old days and he informed the source is from the SEWAGE and HILL DEVELOPEMENT even during the olden days …discharged directly into the RIVER ..thus into the SEA. This is an OPEN SECRET that everyone in Batu Feringghi knows.since Barisan National ruling Penang time up till now. Still the same.


That is why I have always said, all are sama sama

The truth

Wait wait Is Phee or LGE sleeping. IWK treated water is clean but these are dirty black water. It could not have come from IWK sewerage. Anil please check it out. No one to blame except LGE with development all around our most beautiful and cherished beach.


Can you blame them – after all Zahid Hamidi says chicken slayer and soliticiting assault services is NOT a threat and Mahathir said Christian using “Allah” for centuries without any harm does not proof they are not evil..

Phua Kai Lit

When privatized companies (especially natural monopolies)
repeatedly fail to meet standards,
nationalize them and get rid of their top managers !

In this case, at the very least, the company involved should pay to clean up the
environment and pay a very heavy fine too. Some of the money from the fine should be
used to compensate those whose businesses have been affected e.g. beachfront hotels and so on

Aisay man

Oh, I see…!!


The truth is out, it’s hard for IWK to hide. “Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi”.