Is this the dirtiest stream in Penang?


This could be a leading contender for the Dirtiest Stream in Penang. It is frightening to think that the polluted water could end up in the sea of Tanjung Bungah, not far from beach hotel resorts and popular stretches where many children wade into the sea.

dirty stream in Tanjung Bungah 2

dirty stream in Tanjung Bungah 3

So who is in charge of monitoring our rivers and streams and protecting the safety of beach-goers? Could the JPS and MPPP clarify?

Is this the price of ‘development’ at all costs, an economic model in which we only measure GDP, FDI, etc but not the heavy social and environmental costs borne by the public – a model that puts profits above people and the biosphere?

Thanks to the concerned blog readers who sent in this alert and accompanying photos.

If you think this is not the dirtiest stream in Penang, please send in photos of dirtier streams or big longkangs discharging untreated water into our once emerald blue-jade green seas.

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Wee Chin

Learn from Singapore experience: Makeover for 2 river projects in the East of Singapore unveiled. Residents in the eastern part of Singapore can now enjoy more recreational spaces along two rivers which have received a makeover. New lookout decks, more seating areas and upgraded footpaths are some of the features that can be found at both Sungei Api Api and Sungei Tampines, located between Tampines Expressway and Pasir Ris Drive 3. The river projects were officially opened on Sunday (Mar 22) by Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean, who is also an MP at Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC. Other features… Read more »

gk ong

Penang can learn from Singapore that has revamped its Rochor Canal:

Can do the same for Prangin Canal in Sia Boey redevelopment?

Anil ought to visit Singapore to see the transformation. Rochor Canal is next to the JB-Singapore bus terminal at Queen Street. Anil can stay in JB to save cost (can also see how MBJB tried to revive the stinky dead Sungai Segget) and travel to Singapore via Causewaylink express bus to the Queen St terminal (bus fare RM3.40 one way, return fare from Singapore S$3.30).

gk ong

On the subject of environmental concern, the Forest City project at Iskandar Johor which will see massive land reclamation in the Straits of Johor and the changing of coastal areas has not addressed the loss of livelihood faced by indigenous people in the area. The Orang Selatar community from Kampung Simpang Arang by the straits would see their traditional lifestyle destroyed, and that no solutions had been provided for them.


Ah there you are… Johor has got a sultan and you’re not supposed to say whatsoever about royal supremacy rights !


gk ong ; Johore is trying to do unto Singapore what Singapore is doing unto them.


The JDT (Johor Daru Takzim) football team is supported by Country Garden, Vantage Bay, Forest City – all China-linked property development companies linked.

Donat Anthony Theseira

You are absolutely right that the stream in the photo is disgusting. I am also amazed at how people are so quick to point accusing fingers at the state government.
I certainly do not think for one single moment that the state government had anything to do with that particular stream being polluted. The real polluters are the one living alongside the stream that they are complaining about.
Why don’t they realize that they have to take ownership of their own environment and keep clean and healthy, no one else is obliged to do it for them.


When the road is dirty blame it on the people.
When the air is polluted blame is on the people driving the car.
When hill are being razed for development without any concern for the environment, blame it on the people for wanting to live on condo in the hill.
Come on man, what is the CAT govt doing, sleeping or incompetent


gk Ong ; What are you talking about. Tg Bungah right up to Batu Feringhi was once beautiful, clean and unpolluted. This pollution is a recent event couple with the dirty areas at the mosque in Tg Tokong and the sewerage discharges which were highlighted by Anil blog. This is the incompetency of the CAT govt that is sleeping on their job. The CAT boasted that they will clean up Sg Pinang in 6 month. Not only is Sg Pinang still polluted and dirty, many areas that were not polluted have become much much dirtier especially the once clean and… Read more »

Ed G

The public spaces are generally taken as dumping grounds for garbage or waste of any form by many in this country; irrespective of whether they are citizens or foreigners or for that matter individuals, groups or businesses. This has been going on for ages and got even worse with the so-called ‘progress and development’ during the last few decades. On this count, former PM Abdullah Badawi is spot on in his description that Malaysia is a country with ‘First world infrastructure but third world mentality’.


Bits by bits we can see how incompetent the DAP govt is. !!!

gk ong

As this is a legacy from Gerakan era, federal fund is needed just like JB’s town centre Sungai Segget is being rehabilitated with RM270 million.

gk ong

Penang recorded a 109% increase in investments last year over 2013’s volume of RM3.91 billion.

Out of the RM8.16 billion in domestic and foreign investments in 2014, RM5.1 billion came from foreign investment.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said this put Penang in the top three for states with the highest investments in the country last year, after Johor and Sarawak.


Is the CAT playing hoax by adding the tunnel as current investment when we have yet to see it

gk ong

Is it difficult to identify culprits discharging the contaminated stuff to the stream?

Anyway, such dirty stream/sungai is common in Malaysia as there is no proper sewerage system in place.


gk ong : Trying to pass the buck somewhere else is it. !!! Its just like one sweeper telling me. If I sweep all the leaves todays and make it so clean, it will still be littered with leaves tomorrow. Look like the DAP CAT govt is not doing its job.