Irate Penangite rails against concrete, railings on neighbourhood greens


Folliwng a related earlier piece I wrote, an irate resident of Tanjung Bungah has lashed out against the construction of pavements, complete with railings around small greens in quiet neighbourhoods.

The resident said:

(The agency responsible for this) (JKR?) has poured concrete for “drainage purpose” around the Pelangi field and created a so called “walk-way” – and now in the midst of putting grilles all around the circumference of the field. This is a small field with single-storey terrace houses fronting the whole circumference.

Can you imagine? The residents of these houses are now facing grilles all around the field! What ****ing rationale does the authority use to (justify) all that money for putting up grilles around the field?

Railing in front of houses 2.jpg

Anyone can figure out the arithmetics of the circumference of a field — from the poles that have been planted in the ground, it would look like at least 70 … large-size grilles!

railings around green 1

This is more than any single stretch of grille along the main road of Tanjung Bungah. Sure looks like (the person responsible for this) is ‘looking out’ for this small hidden-away residential area.

We suggest removing these grills and distributing them along the main road of Tanjung Bungah and Tanjung Tokong.

And there would be plenty of leftovers which could be put to better use outside the premises of St Nicholas for the Blind in Pulau Tikus. The visually impaired are exposed to heavy vehicular traffic every day.

Now, rumour has it that (the department concerned) has a second phase which involves pouring more concrete on every space that is within its jurisdiction … up to the property line of these residential houses — you know, where the greens are.

Will the strips of green in front of the houses disappear as well?
Will the strips of green in front of the houses disappear as well?

Is this true? Can someone help to confirm?

Why are these metal railings sprouting up everywhere even in quiet neighbourhoods with hardly any traffic? Who is profiting from the laying of concrete in places where there is no need to pour concrete?

Who has received the contract for the supply of these metal railings, miles and miles of them, and the laying of concrete?

Which is the authority responsibile for awarding such useless contracts which are a waste of public funds, perhaps the only beneficiaries being the recipients of the contracts?

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“Development” in a residential area, compared to other priorities: – poor surface of roads and sidewalks due to foundation. – resurfacing of roads, back lanes and sidewalks that can be patched – widening of roads instead of cracking down on those causing hinderances – reducing of green areas with sidewalks, paths, games courts (unused), gazebos and special buildings – grandiose streetlights – decorative shrubs and unsuitable trees – delay in maintenance (some due to friendly arrangements): trimming trees including those that endanger wires, clearing and repairing drains, patching roads, removing posters on public property, replacing signs, repairing streetlights, controlling rats… Read more »

SK Leong

Guess what, we drove around Tanjung Bungah, Tanjung Tokong, Pulau Tikus and we cannnot help but notice that Tanjung Bungah is exceptionally abundant with grilles!! See for yourself! Whoever the JKR person responsible for this is — he/she is damn hardworking and clever! Either in a hurry to get a promotion or to quickly retire. He is fast turning Tanjung Bungah into the Grill Land of Penang — I even venture to say that Tanjung Bungah is becoming the Number One Grille Land of Penang! Look around yourself — grills in all the unlikely places — wah, kayanya — must… Read more »


I will be interested to know the cost of this “small” project.

I am a land owner and i know — it is no joke fencing the whole circumference of a piece of land.

We are not talking about a straight line. It sure looks small but it ain’t small babe. How much the contract?


Anil, there was a report in the Edge about the mega development at the Middle Bank to finance our Cheap Minister’s grandiose white elephant infrastructure projects in a yet another “land swap” deal. I think this is truly the final nail in the Penang’s coffin.


more interested in the Edge exposing the funny dealings of 1MDB.


In the earlier days the verge is planted with grass may cool the surround. The concrete make the current hot weather even worse. The railing is ok as it in a way protect the children from running into the street but it is ridiculous to fence up the whole areas like the field in Datuk Keramat. Duit sikit di sini tetapi duit besar di tunnel projects dan reclaimation dari kucing untuk cronies kucing dan musuh jadi kawan dummo


I beg to differ. Without the metal grill/fence penangites drive their cars/motorcycles on the pavement and this could endanger pedestrians. Some go as far as driving their vehicles into public parks. Sometimes, the grilles are meant to protect people. In developed countries, this is not needed because society is disciplined and enforcement is adequate. Ppl know that parks are not meant for cars. In Penang, discipline is zero and enforcement is sub zero. That leaves us with little option on what to do to prevent this. Anil, I hope you can highlight this rising phenomenon of vehicles entering parks/walkways. Two… Read more »


And I do agree that the fencing of this green lung is excessive while there are other walkways in need of such facilities. I am just cautioning against an all out war on grilles which are useful and necessary in many instances.


Sheer arithmetic my friend! Railings = Money; Railings X= Safety You see, if the engineer really does his work in Tanjung Bungah … it would be recommending two railings at this bus stop, one railing at this danger corner or even three railings to safeguard people from falling into this drain etc… common sense, it would = too much work for him… he may not even be praised by his lady boss! “Stupid boy, giving me so much work!” the boss might say. The fact is neither engineer nor boss is motivated enough to really do the job of protecting… Read more »


railings installed to prevent traders like nasi lemak sellers or pasar malam type of stalls ?

or may be to prevent the entry of cows and goats ?

Awang Selamat Ori

Ini buat duit lah. Sikit sikit. Unlike the big sharks of UMNObaru who gets mega projects, this one is quite similar.

Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

If this is not cari duit, what is? Don’t be too obvious. Shameful.

gk ong

Obviosly the SOP we are all familiar with, to feed those kontraktor class C to Z.


Scheme “Cari Duit” like this should be eradicated 100%. The residents should voice out their disapproval to trigger investigation into hanky panky collaboration.


NGO Center to Combat Corruption and Cronyism (C4) should start to investigate mini (alleged) corruption case like this ?

SK Leong

Anyone know how active the Tanjung Bungah Association is?