In the midst of PenangTolakTambak, a rare turtle highlights what is at stake


The rare loggerhead turtle, found in distress by fishermen in the waters off southern Penang Island on 7 September, was finally released into its natural habitat this morning after being nursed back to health by the Fisheries Department.

The discovery of the rare turtle at the height of the Penang Rejects Reclamation campaign added to the urgency of efforts to save the coastline from massive land reclamation.

The reclamation lies smack in the middle of golden zone for fisheries. The coastline is also a landing zone for olive ridley turtles and greenback turtles.

Well done to the fishermen and the Fisheries Department for saving this rare creature. It is heartwarming to see so many people concerned about this tutle.

But what is in store for this majestic creature when it next returns to the coast of Penang Island only to find bulldozers and dredgers dumping tons of rocks and sand into these waters?
Thanks to Andrew Ng Yew Han for the video production.

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hehe…the poor turtle got caught by pukat I said many times..just proven the tremendous harm caused by fishing activities to our marine life..think it is time to ban fishing activities around the coast of Penang is 10 times more destructive than land reclamation, but it seems the usually high moral noisy NGO very quiet on this…

Don Anamalai

How did that turtle get distressed in the first place? Any explanation from Fisheries Department? How could we ensure that the turtle eggs are not ‘harvested’ by the fishermen?


Turtle eggs are sold openly in some states.

Expanation from any authority? This is Bolehland. Our tuan masters expect us to be obedient robots and trust the “leadership”, not raise inconvenient questions. When some objected to the racist conference by citizen-funded (public) uniiversities, a certain “great statesman” said they had hurt his feelings. Surely, you don’t want to hurt the feelings of civil servants. There must be a “social contract” somewhere entitling them to shake legs, close one eye, etc.


Turtles shed tears when they see their eggs are taken away.

Remember that Umno minister that consume turtle eggs last time?


fishes, turtles, ninja turtle… what next? seagrass or small crabs or krabby krab restaurant or spongebob, lol


Happy Deepavali to all!

Abolish SOSMA. Bring light to the world.
We do not want evils!

Cheers to all!

Don Anamalai

Let there be light.

People of all faiths will agree.

The darkness of BN is sadly engulfing PH, slowly but surely!


Happy Deepavali to all!

Abolish SOSMA, we want to see the light, not evil! We want real peace, not from that Zakir guy.



A good article highlighting the culture in our civil service:

A must read for all.


Little diversity with 99% one race in civil service – inbreeding culture, lack of creativity and innovation. About time to consolidate those redundant departments that cause suboptimization.


It was a turtle-y awesome farewell

For me, it is “see you again!”

Ma jiji

Murderer ? Murderer of the environment also ! Stand up steadfastly down with the Penang reclamation !


Come clean about plan to reclaim 300 acres off Tanjung Bungah coast, Penang govt told Hello, Jagdeep Singh Deo. Earlier you said sea reclamation would also help to combat climate change. Isn’t that a way to brainwash us to prepare for more reclamations in Penang? Like this one off Tanjung Bungah? How can it combat rise in sea level when it will be utterly hopeless against another tsunami! With due respect for all the dead whose ashes were thrown into the sea of Penang, I would like to remind you that reclamation will definitely affect the health of the… Read more »


I just hope Karpal Singh has found peace & serenity & final resting place in the seas of Penang.

Kim Poh Poh

Anil on national TV per link above on BRT better over LRT. Anil lending support despite being silent and still looking alternative ones with speaking Anil.

In summary the clip mentioned no response yet on their proposal. No timeline set for CM response meaning LRT being push through by all means?


Thick faced shrieking troll (known to all readers here) getting thicker face!
God helps him not to shriek but save his face!


Don’t, anon, tingling, see your good mate can make wandaifu comments. What contribution? At least rebut the discussions but go for longkang politics and hitting below the belt on character. All are hyp**rites.


It is a duty of any fisherman to release any turtle caught in his net which is unavoidable. Like releasing young fishes caught for sustainable fish stock. BUT reclamation is a death kneel for all marine life. It has no human conscience to help any marine creature in distress (accidentally?) or on the verge of extinction (unavoidably?). Compared to other manmade activities, it is the WORST of all to destroy our environment. Town and Country Planning Committee chairman Jagdeep Singh Deo suggested the 3 islands of PSR is the way forward to prepare for future rise sea level, ie to… Read more »


Reclaimed island can be destroyed in 40 years: Expert A town planning specialist said these areas would be inundated by flash floods caused by climate change and high-rises would collapse due to ground instability on the islands. “It is a disaster in the making,“ said Prof Emeritus Dr Hans-Dieter Evers of the Institution of Malaysian and International Studies at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Evers reminded the audience that over the past 10 years, estimates on the rise of the sea level had constantly been revised upwards, as it had for global temperatures. In its latest report, the United Nations Intergovernmental… Read more »


Spinning again. First, climate change is caused by people driving cars, especially 4wds in urban areas. If reclaimed islands can be destroyed, why not the main island and penang unesco heritage area? You mean is sea level only rise in reclaimed islands and not the main island?


Very gulliable and naive and expect peng lang to believe sinsehs? He is only a town planner and not geotech engineer. One plan town but the other design. His design is verified by third party check. All this process is required when one is an engineer. Planner’s work who verified?


Why no one condemn singland and hongland for destroying the sea bed. Singland increase its land size by 25% and will be more. Many fishing villages in the 70s were gone and now replace by high tech fish farming in Singland Catching natural fish is even more harmful to environment. The apollo net sweep clean everything on its path. Which fisherman do not want better investment. The more catch using the Apollo net the merrier. He had bills to pay and family to support. He orso want to drive 4wd and eat one ton mee and lim kopi too.


Even if the sea level rise is only 10 cm, the wind-triggered waves, storms etc. will finish the job. We can can learn from the airport they built offshore in Osaka. But will we? By the time it is destroyed, some people will be hiding with their wealth in Switzerland.


Yet someone said only the small island and not the big island. Look at Macau when it by typhoon. Few were drown as water enter their buildings. Since the islands have yet to be con structured, they can add 10cm. Macau, singland and Osaka have been constructed and operating. Osaka is fribt the big pacific ocean where as the smalls are are protected by sumatra. Town planners are only land architects.


I hope this blog can kickstart new discussions on current politics as PH is imploding with civil war, with M guy trying to silence DAP in order to curb A’s succession?


It would be more fun – though not much sense – to discuss the flying car, flying carpet, etc. ———-


All eyes will be on the coming by-election in Johor. Will MCA make a comeback or it will be buried once and for all?

I think it is better to vote for Gerakan given the current political climate.


Gerakan should have fielded its secretary-general Liang Teck Meng (who lost Simpang Renggam to Maszlee (now controversial Education Minister) in the last GE) instead of newbie Wendy Subramaniam.