Foul smelling, oily looking seawater spoils popular Penang beach


A Teluk Bahang resident today was alarmed when he noticed the coastal waters along northwestern Penang Island, from Teluk Bahang to Batu Ferringhi, looking distinctly murky this evening.

“It was very murky, sooty, oily looking dark-coloured water,” said the resident, whose hobby is coastal fishing. “I have never experienced this in Penang before.”

“There was a strong stench in the air as well – a foul, stinking, rotting smell, like something was decaying.”

This morning, at Sungai Tekun, he noticed many fine particles at all levels of the coastal waters. He tried to crush the particles with his fingers but they were not crushable.

What exactly is going on? Before we mess up the Penang coastline any further, will we be able to get to the bottom of this environmental disaster?

What kind of impact will this have on the tourism and coastal fisheries sectors?

What has happened to Cleaner, Greener Penang?

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Residents of Penang must be responsible and do not indiscriminately dispose unfiltered waste to the drain. The waste will end up directly in the open sea since we do not have proper sewerage system. This is similar to the polluted river incidents at Pasir Gudang, Johor.


The restaurants and kopitiams should install grease traps else oily waste will go straight to drain and to the ocean.

But there is litle enforcement, as usual.

Lim Goh Poh

High concentration of condos there inevitably human disposals find the way to the sea.
Anil can contact Indah Water to filter the waste (cooking oil or greasy food) and alert the YB for the job done.


Any inspection & monitoring by Indah Water on all forms of waste water discharge or is it happy just collecting fees for selected area filtrations?


KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 27 — The Council of Churches Malaysia (CCM) has lambasted a Malay-Muslim coalition (Gerakan Pembela Ummah and Isma) for accusing local Christian leaders of a conspiracy to dominate leadership positions in the country, urging authorities to act on the inflammatory remark.


The leaders of Gerakan Pembela Ummah and Isma should be questioned … for inciting hatred, just like Zakir Naik.


On the bright side, Penangites should be thankful that there is no forest fire like the one now burning in Gelang Patah (LKS constituency).


As many as 33,000 Malaysians have applied to be refugees in Australia over the last few years, according to its High Commissioner to Malaysia Andrew Goledzinowski.


The Penang environment is sick, fishes are dying, dolphins are suicidal, birds are relocating, air is dusty & hotter, forests are being raped in broad daylight, hills are botak-ed in the name of highway building, landslides are common at the slightest heavy rain, & there is an evil plan to drill tunnels into sensitive hills for 6-lanes highways. While the Cleaner + Greener CAT-Charlatans boast of a refurbished shortie canal turned fresh-fish pond at state coffer expense. What a futile exercise of CATPR when the whole state is facing unprecedented environmental degradation at alarming rate. Penang (island) – a liveable… Read more »


People are orso sck. They only eat and drink. Lim kopi o, eat one ton mee.if not mabuk with volkha or milk tea with boh tea.


hehe…no complain when using our highway, airport, enjoying air conditioning, consume and discard things and relative earning big bucks from construction business but come here talk big, kbkp about environmental degradation……


hehe…no indication that this is shot in Teluk Bahang…probably fake….well if it is true then we need to ask the fisherman what they have done to our seas…looking at the way they treat our beaches…mmm


so his hobby is coastal fishing?…hehe…not something i imagine someone genuinely concern about environment will do..should do gardening instead of destroying marine life…

Brian Byrne

Bad news Everyday from Penang State Govt is obsessed with ‘Development’ that does not benefit the residents of Penang Environmental issues not their priority


hehe…of course it is bad news everyday if you come to Anil’s blog….you can’t have more one sided reporting than this…
tell me which government put environment as top priority? economic well being of the people is the top priority lar, no food on table you want to talk environment ? ?


Bad news but can still he-he-he?
Better to wail or shriek! Did you notice during the Hungry Ghost Month, most funeral parlours are full? Can earn some money as stand-in wailers!
Note: Hungry Ghost Month records the most funerals compared to any month. Co-incidence or what?


what else if not hehe at these made-up “bad” news from habitual fear monger, serial hater…….everything is bad, every business is greedy, every official is corrupt, every person is greedy except your nephew…hehe


My nephew works hard under the sun for his decent pay unlike someone who he-he-he all day long for free money to fall on his lap from the top of Komtar Tower of Arrogance!!!
And his boss is work-smart & not the typical greedy developers loved by a he-he-he worshiper of greedy developers cum super-expensive highway experts.

Pls try harder or better still work harder like my nephew!


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You could soon have a Hong Konger as your neighbour.