Final call: Save the hills of Penang forum, 12 December 2015


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Save Penang Hill from the greedy

CAT’s Eyes can only see in the dark?
In broad daylight, CAT seems to be blind & lethargic.
Or is it Green-Eyed after lawat sambil belajar in SingLand? (Green-eyed means jealous cum covetous for all things SingLand)


Red eye la tunglang why green eye !

However, i would say Penang Hill needs to be “developed”, have more motel/hotel, and more chalets in particular to cater for the lower and middle income groups. And also restaurants/food courts.

Singland is a success model, it is a fact that cant be denied. Shame on malaysia, it has been ruined under BN for 57 long years, a piece of belacan now !!!


1. jealous or envious
2. the green-eyed monster jealousy or envy


Penang has too many unlicensed motels that Majlis Bandaraya is tearing down. Penang should have more attractions that can lure rich tourists that have propensity to spend big to benefit Penang economy, not backpackers on shoestring budget taking selfies at the murals. That is why you see little budget hotels in Singland. Penangites must shed the binchui to serve tourists (legal means) to get their money.

gk ong

With proper development without degrading the nature and environment, the hills can bring tourist dollars to offset the loss of revenue in the manufacturing sector. Eco tourism is one way to go.


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