Flash floods hit Sungai Ara, Bayan Baru in Penang


Areas in southern Penang Island were submerged in flash floods this afternoon after a sudden heavy downpour south of USM this morning.

Flash floods again - Photograph: wanasri55/Instagram
Flash floods again – Photograph: wanasri55/Instagram

Sungai Ara was flooded and so were Jalan Tengah and Jalan Mayang Pasir in Bayan Baru.

Sekolah Seri Relau, Bayan Baru - Photograph:  PenagToday/Twitter
Sekolah Seri Relau, Bayan Baru – Photograph: PenagToday/Twitter

Check out the high density apartment tower in the photo above. Mind you, the downpour didn’t last very long.

In recent years, both areas have been witnessed hill cutting and rapid property development in the vicinity. Grass cover would have been sharply reduced as more roads are built.

And still, the Penang Island Local Plan, approved in 2008, has not yet been gazetted.

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Penang island as good as swimming pool


Drains choked with rubbish could be the likely cause?

Aisay man

Too many developments there at one go ?! But then again, just because land scarcity in the island leaves everybody with no choice but to cramp up !


Where is the Penang Local Plan if no choice but to cramp is a convenient excuse.
Ask the ‘wai lao’ the art of cramping in a small room for cooking as well as sleeping.


This is surely due to bad planning !

Eng Hock

charleskiwi popular with the use of the phrase “bad planning”. He probably needs to elaborate if he means corruption in planning ?


Bad planning = no integration of frenzied development + no town planning + no Penang Local Plan as a guide against recalcitrant projects & quickie approvals.
Why the sensitivities to link it to corruption … (?)


Anil, time to get a canoe for yourself.
40 year cycle of abnormal raining may change.
Penang’s roads may become Ganges River!

Eng Hock

Sia Bouy Pragin can turn the flooded canal to become like that in Thailand.
imagine enjoying laksa and chendol on canoes sure a new tourist attraction ! Further excitement to witness thunder striking Komtar tower a marvel for keen photographers !


That’s an awesome suggestion, how come no one thought of that? Melaka did a good job to their river/canal and it’s a tourist attraction. Too bad because of our hot climate, the stink is there.


HAARP + high sea tide + no more land for rain to absorb = flash flood.
Today the perfect recipe.


Is Penang island sinking?


After 308, traffic congestion from bad to worse
Pollution of Penang sea and river also from bad to worse
Destroying of our environment and greenery also from bad to worse
Now from bad to worse is the flooding of Penang where it never flood before is now being flooded.
Do we need this incompetent CAT

All the points raised by you are in direct contrast to reality. Your motive is most obvious and needs no elaborations. I have lived in Penang since 1947 and I think I have noticed there is a great change for the better in terms of cleaniness as far as the rivers and the sea-sides are concerned. The Sg Pinang was like a rubbish dump beneath the Jelutong Bridge before 308. The Padand Kota sea-side and the Guerny Drive sea-side were strewn with rubbish prior to 308. The Batu Ferringhi and the Teluk Bahang beaches are much cleaner now. You need… Read more »


State gomen to halt projects in Sg Ara due to recent flooding is sensible too late?
Environmental studies of earlier projects in the hill area seem like paper guess works.
So who pays for flood damages to homes, cars & businesses?


Onekalisom….U must be mad….mad….mad. such disasters are caused by human activities. Don’t try to twist the issue. If pkr has done the good work as u claimed, there won’t be any more flood. U are simply just trying to praise and defend your boss?

Saka Keliwon

Mark tunglang’s words.
Payback time by Mother Nature.

Eng Hock

Flooding and submerged vehicles in trouble BUT good news for auto repair good business.