Dolphins spotted in Penang again


Dolphins have been spotted off the coast of Penang again. This video was uploaded on Youtube on 14 September 2014.

On 25 October, an eye-witness spotted dolphins frolicking in the sea near Miami Beach on Penang Island in the early morning.

I think people would rather see dolphins in the sea than any artificial water theme park.

But for more dolpins to return and make Penang their ‘holiday home’, we would need to clean up the waters around Penang and reduce toxic effluents flowing directly into the sea.

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Air Asia’s Tony Fernandes sharing a self-deprecating picture of his naked torso:


A dolphin came and another giant grouper of 195kg caught now at Cecil St market awaiting to be served.
This is 2nd big catch of the year after a 175kg one early this year.
Anil do you feel guilty to taste the curry fish head at weld quay restaurant now?


Go watch the DVD of movie “A Dolphin Tale” (Part 2 also a box office hit in US recently) and see how a dolphin can fascinate people of all ages.


If you go to Hawaii you will find that there are lots of souvenirs of many kinds based on dolphins, any reason why ?


Dolphins are mammal and incredibly resillient to pollution contrary to environmentalist use of them to as symbol for their causes. The most immediate threat is plastics and toxin in their food chain, which typically dissappear first in pollution and if they are not around, neither will the dolphins.

In urban and industrialized Singapore, you see dolphins around the port itself, among the busy sea-lanes attesting to their resillience.


This will boost eco tourism in Penang, so long as the dolphins are not driven away by uncontrolled number of boats encroaching their habitat.

Eng Hock

Dedicate this song “The Miracle” for all those who wish for miracles like returning dolphins, lower cost of livings and sustainable income to fight inflation ! “Miracle” by Foo Fighters Crazy but I’m relieved this time Begging for sweet relief of blessing empty sky Dying behind these tired eyes I’ve been loosing sleep Please come to me Tonight Hands on a miracle I got my hands on a miracle Leave it or not, hands on a miracle And there ain’t no way Let you take it away Everything that we survived It’s gonna be alright Just lucky we’re alive Got… Read more »


Miracles in the making with so many property fairs going on. 2 last weekend at G hotel and Queensbay. Another one at Queensbay from this Friday, while Spice to hold another one 1st weekend of Nov.
It shows the developers are sensing tough times ahead, while the Star continues to mislead readers by striking fear that a condo unit can hit a million ringgit in near future quoting a couple remarks at the fair The Star cosponsor?


Kau Ong Yeah, Sea Datuk Kongs & Mother Nature disapproved the (WWW) water theme park in the first place. Strong sea currents & recent high tidal waves did the job of disapproval. Better wake up to the salty fact: if Penangites couldn’t prevent such theme parks, just pray to the gods & Mother Nature to do the dismantle job. The appearance of dolphins is a hopeful sign of return to sober + meaningful environmental conservation & a ominous victory over CAT’s carelessness + greed of cosmo indulgence & arrogance in disastrous Nature conservation. There will be more Nature’s retaliation to… Read more »


Lighting strike at new skyward on top of Komtar tower can become a tourist attraction with all safety precaution taken. MARVEL Thor at its best in Penang.


Skybar on top of Komtar can be a curse to those who hate cosmopolitan lifestyle but a boom for young ones who want KL nitelife extended to heritage Penang.


Halloween a-chi-loot trick or treat could be a past event if overzealous religious enforcer ban it in Malaysia?

Uncle Jock

Penang Global Tourism (PGT), the state’s tourism promotion arm, has denied Gerakan’s allegation that it has links to a water theme park at Batu Ferringhi. Gerakan Teng is aksed to show evidence that PGT was involved in the project.


So Penang beaches is like a barber shop. Can open & close anytime?