Disused oil well in East Aceh spurted gas-oil-mud cocktail into the air


This is something to check out. A visitor who had just been to Aceh told me today that someone over there mentioned an “oil spill” had taken place. So I looked it up online and found reports of a gas spurt shooting up 12-15 metres into the air from a disused oil well in agricultural land in East Aceh at the end of July. The gas cocktail also contained oil, mud and ‘salt’. A loud sound measuring 73 decibels was heard. You can hear a noisy background sound in the video above.

The site, located at Desa Seunebok Lapang, Kecamatan Peureulak Timur, Kabupaten Aceh Timur, had been observed since April. The spurt took place at the end of July 2019 and apparently continued for some time.

Where exactly is this place? Apparently, directly west of Penang, across the Straits of Malacca.

The question now is where did this spray of gas, oil, ‘salt’ and mud end up and was it successfully contained. Did any of it find its way into the sea?

Now, I really don’t know if there is any connection between what happened over there and the deaths of fish in Teluk Bahang in Penang in the first half of August or the recent oily smell and sludge at Batu Ferringhi. A state government leader had alluded to the possibility of an “oil spill” at the time.

It might be worth checking this out.

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KUALA LUMPUR: More than 60% of those participating in a poll during a forum say that the country is headed in the wrong direction.
The poll was conducted during a discussion session at the National Economic Forum 2019 on Thursday (Aug 29).


To gauge the response from Anil’s readers, please indicate ‘+’ below if you agree that Malaysia is headed in the wrong direction. You can provide your reason.

Don Anamalai

Certainly wrong direction since so many empty promises from Pakatan Harapan betraying its voters. PH is so scared of the Malay Ultras that it dare not reform for Malaysia Baru. Worst still we get all sorts of nonsense that is distracting us to achieve the desired reform!


The mood leading up to Merdeka Day has turned sombre for Klang MP Charles Santiago, who says the people are disappointed in the current administration.

He criticised the Pakatan leaders, especially Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, saying people were afraid that he was “back to his old tricks”.

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2019/08/30/santiago-merdeka-mood-sours-as-people-are-disappointed-in-pakatan#HedhpORd6i0GXkO2.99


Brother Don

We are sad that MIC is a willing partner of Umno-PAS alliance. BN is long gone and MIC folks still hope for dedak by supporting the Racist coalition!

Lost all respect for MIC!

Please pray at temples to wake up MIC!


Is MCA and MIC now telling all their members that the policy is now to buy Muslim Made products, in order to align with Umno-PAS?



MIC is now Ummah member of the alliance!
No principle at all!
Very shameful when MIC do not support SEKAT.


PH failed to be inclusive for fear of losing malay support. No different from Umno-BN.

We voters are very disappointed. Economy is getting bad but PH ministers can only blame BN after more thsn 1 year in office. Please buck up!


PH’s antennas are still tuning to race & religion issues & their politicians are not brave enough to tackle them by the horns. One glaring example of a U-turn is the Zakir Naik expected deportation. U-turn to a nice bromance dinner indeed! PH faces many more important butter & bread issues of the Rakyat but instead it tries to dance like BN for politically apologetic appeasement. It still is facing a dilemma aka Malay Dilemma, a blaming that still haunts those who couldn’t dare to see themselves in the mirror of the 21st century A.D. The time may come when… Read more »


Can Zakir explain what is compassion?

No need to tell us what the Quran is preaching, compassion is the basic values of humankind.

Zakir must listen to Imagine by John Lennon.


If we all knew how a run-away snake oil salesman operates & also given much prior warnings, why did we give a PR to one. So, let’s blame it on BN.
BUT based on opposition’s political sentiments against one PR trouble maker prior to GE14, does a recent public retort by a PH Minister followed up with an apologetic? free dinner display an absolut vodka disgusting U-Turn to suit the flow of apologetic politics?
The day may arrive when John Lennon’s Imagine comes true under a One Government, One Planet, One People global system.


The bigger picture is that BN thru it’s long arm is behind the scenes instigating, provoking the racial temperature to climb. The rest are playing into their hands. They are using the only weapon they have and we are helping them. The only way to divide and rule is to use a religion that divides and rules. Stop playing into their hands !!!


Over half of Malaysia’s federal constituencies would be mixed seats if the Election Commission drew up boundaries impartially.

Foreign Minister Saifuddin said mixed constituencies would neutralise the appeal of communal politics and limit the success of politicians who use racism and extremism as their platforms.



Salute to lawyer Siti Kassim who could empathise with non-Muslims on the Jawi issue:

Don Anamalai

Support the MAJU initiative:

Happy Hari Kebangsaan to all!
Remember to pay back your PTPTN loan, it is a more patriotic act than flying the Jalur Gemilang flag!


Siti warned us.
After Jawi (what next)?
PH is not inclusive at all.
Please have respect for all languages and religions.
Otherwise only rhetoric talk every August 31.


If only our malays can think like Siti Kassim.
Siti Kassim must get her MAJU campaign into the hearts and mind of her Malay community.


I worry more about losing my job soon since recession is coming. The trade war and Brexit are one of the major reasons.

In the meantime I urge my fellow Indians to support SEKAT for the sake of our children.


Two clowns – Donald (silly trade war) & Boris (no deal Brexit) are the ‘black swans’ … accelerating global recession, possibly by year end.


The largest mud geyser in the world began in Java in 2006, triggered by gas mining. It has made a vast area permanenly uninhabitable. Though it is slowing down, it may continue for 30 years.

Lim Goh Poh

Oil spill in big sea and street food cooking oil spill along the longkang of heritage Penang also a big concern.
When go for your street food, go for hygience first, pricing second and then the taste. Below fpod court choices for 2019 Penang


From the unsolvable Indon haze to this Indon oil spill!
Are Indon authorities so helpless that their country can still act indifferent?
This goes to show environment issues are not limited to one’s own backyard.


Indon’s focus is now on shifting its capital to East Kalimantan (Indons to displace Orang Utan?) from the sinking Jakarta.


Environmental disaster awaits Kalimantan.
Orang Utans are now weeping, may be extinct before Jakarta sinks into oblivion.


Tu lang can kbkb at your loudest. You are untouchable as you are not indo. Other countries pollute or destroy the environment far far worse than penang


“Are Indon authorities so helpless…”

The reality of Republic Indonesia: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/50607-c.htm

It would have been far worse if Jokowi’s opponent had won.


In 5 years time, Sabah folks will cari makan in the new Indon capital in East Kalimantan, just like the 300,000 West Malaysian folks shuttle daily to Singapore to cari makan.


Unfortunately, PH government still cannot improve our economy, while trying stupid stunts like flying car, 3rd national car, flogging the dead palm oil, getting primary school kids to appreciate Jawi…


Our much touted national flying car is based on drone technology is diving down from a bubble burst! But our Minister is still dreaming!
Drone Bubble Bursts, Wiping Out Startups and Hammering VC Firms


Let the PH folks flying in and out to meet voters in their flying car in the GE15 campaign, since they are so confident of the project viability to vouch for its safety. That minister could pilot the flying car himself.