Developer threatens to sue Penang govt?


A developer is threatening to sue the Penang state government for tens of millions of ringgit.

The developer is one of four that was compelled to scale down its project to abide by Unesco guidelines for the preservation of George Town’s world heritage site listing.

Instead of timidly conceding the possibility of paying compensation (as it has in the past, thus possibly having the opposite effect of emboldening developers to sue the government), the Penang state government should publicly name the developer concerned and challenge it all the way.

A few Penangites already know who the developer is, but I will leave it to the Penang state government to come out and formally identify the developer.

I don’t think the people of Penang – and even those outside – are going to be impressed with the developer’s move for it is public money that is at stake.

I am sure the state government will receive the full support of fair-minded people and civil society groups alike if it were to contest the developer’s action. I am sure the public will rally behind the government in this instance if it takes a principled stand. After all, the Penang state government was complying with Unesco guidelines on a matter of public interest (preservation of George Town’s world heritage status).

So could we have the name of the developer in the interests of transparency and then let’s see what the public thinks of the developer’s move.

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The Developer should sue the penang state Government ! It’s a breach of contract ; first you grant the permission to built and after start building till 4 storeys suddenly you turn around and cannot cos some “mat salleh” say no ! What kind of government does that !; it will certainly scare off potential investor to Penang cos the present state government cant stand by their own decision? And wha has UNESCO listing done for Penang? Do UNESCO gives fund; nothing at all! Why listing??? After all what we can see now ismore celebrations only, no changes to the… Read more »


Penang got to follow the footstep of Singapore. Anyway, that’s what has envisioned by the Great Koh Tsu Koon. Penang is already over developed before LGE has taken over. Now, property prices have been skyrocketted everywhere even in the rural place that I am residing……
Settle the stomach problem first before talking about lofty things


PR government elected by the people. Give PR a peace of mind to govern Penang. I see the state is prospering now. Like it or not, Penang will follow the footstep of Singapore. Penang will be over developed as I see. I believe that the way people want it. If PR manage it well, dun worry, the people of Penang is not blind, they know exactly what is right from wrong.

I am outside Penang and going to invest property in Penang soon.


Anil…. what was written @the above is not at all what happened factually & professionally….. This over 10 storey hotel has advise from an architect who propounded the overly done unesco submission dossier…. why silence from the very nose of this heritage expert…. the site has got development approval…. contractors have been awarded the contract to built to over 10storeys……construction is underway…. tower cranes working….. lifts & elevetor containers have arrived on site,….. the immediate surrounding appears to be the post-office & govt building….over 10storeys….. , dewan perniagaan melayu over 10storeys….. it is VERY unfair to the landowner to impose… Read more »

Penang Bolih

A. Scare the NGOs
B. Buy up the NGOs
C. Make the NGOs lose interest
D. Employ Cyberjellyfish to jellify NGO blogs

Congratulations, great strategies to handle the Penang NGOs!


NGOs now keeping quiet possibly because of one or more of the following:-

1. Afraid of being sued.
2. Being bought off …
3. Lost interest.


Folks I am puzzled. No one even heard of the story of the developer wanting to sue the state until LGE reveals it. We are not even sure if this is … misinformation… As such, how one can expect the NGOs to jump to his defence ? If this is indeed true, then why LGE is so afraid of revealing the name of the developer ? Or this is because there is no such threat …? Forgive me for being a skeptic, but if this is indeed true and happened to be one of the 3 developers approved pre-0308 GE,… Read more »

Dalbinder Singh Gill

Anil is just a writer, try not to blame him. .. … bro its David Saul Marshall.. not David Marshall.. if just David Marshall , he is a Australian footballer.. hehe..anyways..chill..cheers..

Dalbinder Singh Gill

and then after 50 years.. malaysians will say pakatan bad n change government again.. hahahaha.. if malaysians really look at government and not treat 1 side like GOD.. governments can change like a normal thing every 5 years to the best interest of the people.. cool…

Dalbinder Singh Gill

pakatan wants to change judiciary.. how independent it has not tell us how.. haha.. lol.. youths r laughing.. thy will put pro-pakatan judges and punish BN.. and tell public..who treat PR like GOD.. see.. public will just say GOOD GOOD.. haha.. life is once guys.. have a long life.. life is a movie..we are all acting.. lets watch this movie..when the director is fed up.. thats it .. 2012 ? haha…

Dalbinder Singh Gill

2012 doomsday? lol


belive me lge is the best cm for penang you all can have,if you don’t believe me then bring back… ksk


So, how’s BN campaign so far to shake up Pakatan Rakyat control states? So far, Johor & Pahang peaceful while many news on Pakatan Rakyat states like Penang & Selangor. Kedah so far so good…not much news. These 2 states news items are quite overkill. So, who’s suing who now? Lets totally change the government at federal level, see how they really handle it. Put in the correct judges that more lean to Pakatan Rakyat since the judiciary (is perceived to be) full of BN leaning judges. If things take to court, sure developer (is likely to) win one… Then… Read more »

Dalbinder Singh Gill

BN wont say anything bro.. Public will do special prayers for their God , thts the Pakatan religion and say Hail God, BN(perceived as syaitan for now) screwed us again, decision influence by BN.. this and that, may God look into it and bless them.. hahahahah..the drama continues…nothing is perfect bro.. at least we have Gopal Sri Ram in the Federal Court…


Again just wait & see. I believe LGE would do something about it. DAP won’t be that stupid. But follow entirely Anil Netto’s way would lead to total destruction
Remember David Marshall & his ideals! Where is he now?


Dont pay a cent, let the battles in court be long and lengthy. Blacklist the developer and the parent company, related company plus directors of the companies so that they cannot start another company.

Must teach (them) a lesson.

But of course this requires (a lot of courage), if (not) dont talk!

Ong Eu Soon

Guan Eng hits out at NGOs for silence

Those NGOs that attend the advisory panel are hand picked by him. Suppose to be PRO LGE NGOs, what a surprise to hear the news that they no longer with him.

Ong Eu Soon

LGE claimed that no NGOs came forward to defend him when the developer is seeking compensation. Now for whatever know to him, he keep the identity of the developer a secret and he expect us to fight for him. Fight who?

Ong Eu Soon

Why not name the developer? If the developer still adamant in seeking compensation, I am sure majorities of Penangites will boycott the hotel once it is in operation. The developer has no gut to do so if the developer want to find a living in Penang. So why keep the identity of the developer a secret?

PR Man

Come On! LGE, show us your statesmanship and mettle. Do not allow a developer to threaten you, and we can guess who the developer is… Do not allow a state administration to be held back by a private institution. The good work of your father, will go to waste if you are to mismanage this State, which your father had fought for, for so many decades. Your father failed not because you are better, it is just because of the timings and the sentiments. Wake up LGE, time for action and let us see your guts to take on such… Read more »

Dalbinder Singh Gill

Just watch and see, this development project will proceed. Guys, wake up. Lim Guan Eng has a hidden agenda. Is Singapore a historic city? NO. Who cares, after all Singapore is a economic powerhouse. Same vision LGE has for Penang regardless of the rakyats interest. Development Above People -DAP.


Have you been to Kereta Ayer aka Chinatown? Katong? Geylang Serai? Most Singapore River? LGE must move towards Singapore’s way. Economy first. People must have jobs & food on the table before talking about lofty things

Dalbinder Singh Gill

ok looes74 , respect ur freedom of reply, cheers … but remember development does not promise a splendid economy.. the recession is hitting singapore.. the happiness of the rakyat shud cme first.. lge jst giving lame excuses against ngo not coming for meeting all… so tht he can make a decision, when public ask why tadak rakyat dulu ur decision, he will say bcos NGO did nt come for decisions.. hahahhaha.. big joke for normal youngsters like me man.. cheers..i dnt (care) hw he manages penang… bt he must AWAS… or else… willl be screwed.. he aint God.. he was… Read more »

Dalbinder Singh Gill

oh yeah..thn when the economy goes into a recession bcos it has no sustainability.. then dun say i miss the beautiful heritage city we had.. peacefull.. happiness.. cool… lots of laughs.. cheers guys.. live ur life..

politicians.. thy aint God…

God is 1…

Dalbinder Singh Gill

he wanna keep the developers identity a secret up to him la.. dnt really care bt thm..keeping it a secret also saves their reputations frm being screwed.. so lets chill on tht n focus on the issue.. whether are we willing to sacrifice our heritage status or not .. or will lge let it happen.. and as usual .. blame bn past actions, blame judiciary if decision is for developer if case goes to court, let bn blame penang for losing melaka status as well (is lge hidden agenda to bring melaka status down also for nt getting RM25 million… Read more »


Looes74 I am sorry but we are kind of tired of your persistent cheerleading of the “Singapore Miracle”. Are you being employed by Singapore Tourism or do you work for PAP ? To say that Singapore preserves heritage is a joke. All they preserved was some old buildings with no historic value but more for aesthetic purposes for the visiting guiliable tourists from the West. Singapore’s “heritage” is just as fakey as getting their “Singapore Girl” dressed in kebaya for SIA promo. Talk to any Singaporean (not some wide-eyed, guilable Malaysian PR) on the systemic and wholesale destruction of heritage… Read more »


Development brings profits Any party will know it is true Otherwise nobody will pursue Why waste time getting nothing? It is long years of practising cronyism Allowing the affected parties to gain upper hand When the chips are changed or government changes The cronies will always say “We will sue!” Heritage recognition isn’t a child play Mind you it isn’t easy to get recognized When a State has got her recognition All interested parties should celebrate Either in Penang or Malacca Yet sometimes we will hear Developers don’t care Profits come first intrinsic values second Heritage enclaves must be protected… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

LGE himself to be blamed for the heritage listing crisis, instead he blamed the civil society for not pressuring him. It is the Unesco guidelines not the civil society that compel him to scale down the height of the hotels. It was him who hinted to the developers that they can seek compensation from the state government for scaling down the hotels. There are ways for him to avoid law suits from developers but LGE appear to do nothing about it. One of the way is he should in the first place filed an appeal to the appeal board which… Read more »

Kris Khaira

The State Gov should refuse to pay. This is unjust. At the same time, the heritage NGOs shouldn’t keep quiet about this.

Gerakan K

The Penang state government still waiting money from Federal Government to manage/maintain this heritage site (Malacca state government already got it–what a double standard and bullying act!). On the other hand, that selfish developer threaten to sue state government. Money saved by LGE administration from prudent spending will be wasted on compensation. We must not allow this to happen. LGE should handle this threat by a threat. State government can do a lot of thing (legally) to make that developer life difficult, eg delay anything related to that developer in each state that governed by PR. Or put it bluntly,… Read more »


yeah, name the developer. then let’s boycott their products.

people, unite!!



Hold your horses, Anil…..Just wait & see….

Again People,
Make your own judgement. Don’t blindly follow people. Including The Great Anil