DAP calls for new EIA on Penang Hill project – in 1990!

This is the state of a road near the 'coolie' lines at the summit of Penang Hill - the site of one of two proposed hotels - Photograph by a concerned Penangite

It is fascinating what some people continue to dig up. This excellent statement below was issued by the then DAP secretary-general, MP for Tanjung and parliamentary opposition leader Lim Kit Siang on 28 September 1990.

Notice the sections highlighted:

DAP calls for the commissioning of a new EIA on the Penang Hill project and a dialogue between the State Government, the Hill developer and concerned organizations

By Parliamentary opposition Leader, DAP Secretary-General and MP for Tanjung, Lim Kit Siang, in Petaling Jaya on Friday, 28th September 1990:

DAP calls for the commissioning of a new EIA on the Penang Hill project and a dialogue between the State Governmnet, the Hill developer and concerned organizations

Ever since the signing of the memorandum of understanding by the Penang Chief Minister, Dr. Lim Chong Eu and Bukit Pinang Leisure Sdn Bhd on Sept 1 for the $460 million Penang Hill Resort project, both the Gerakan State Government and the Penang Hill Resort developer have not been able to answer the many concerns and objections raised by the people of Penang about the massive environmental and ecological damages of the project.

These concerns and objections to the Penang Hill Resort project are:

1. Adverse effect on the water supply to parts of Geogetown, Air Itam town and Balik Pulau because of the depletion of essential water catchments areas.

The former Penang Waterworks Authority general manager, Datuk Kam U-Tee, who retired last month, held that the catchments atop Penang Hill were crucial for the preservation of water supply to the Penang State, producing about 22 million gallons a day.

2. Large-scale land and forest clearance resulting in serious soil erosion and increased incidence and severity of floods in the city;

3. Sociological damage to the flora and fauna of Penang Hill;

4. Damage to the heritage buildings and historic character of Penang Hill.

The DAP calls on the Penang State Governmnet to commission another environment Impact Assessment (EIA) on the Penang Hill project, as the EIA report submitted by the project developer had been disowned by the Econville Group, Institute of Advanced Stuidies, Universiti Malaya, although the EIA report bore its name.

The DAP also calls on the Penang State Government and the developer to fully respect the views and concerns of the people of Penang about the environmental, ecological, heritage and historic aspects of Penang Hill, and as a first step, to begin a dialogue with all concerned organizations and individuals aver the project.

An advisory committee comprising representative from concerned organizations about the Penang Hill Resort project should also be formed to advise the Government on the Project.

Less than a month later, in the general election on 21 October 1990, Kit Siang famously defeated Chong Eu in the Padang Kota state seat, forcing the founding Gerakan president into premature political retirement. Kit Siang polled 6,317 votes to the then incumbent chief minister’s 5,611. (After his retirement, Chong Eu became advisor of Berjaya Group, the same company that had big development plans for Penang Hill in 1990.)

Hopefully, the present administration in Penang will heed some of the farsighted concerns Kit Siang expressed two decades ago – which are just as relevant today.

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Heng GS

Khoo Salma, Lim Mah Hui and Anil should emulate MP Wong Tack’s persistence that paid off via action louder than words. Wong Tack’s Green Assembly is well recognised for his 5 years of hard work at Sabah Baram Dam, and oredi 7 years (still counting) to get Lynas Toxic operation out of Malaysia. If Wong Tack’s could walk 300km from Pahang to Parliament and slept near 3 weeks in protest at Dataran Merdeka, then the public can gain recognition of Penang Forum Green movement if you 3 leaders can do likewise. How about walking circling the Penang Hill, and camp… Read more »


Walk. No way. Pg forum use cars even g has bike lanes and free shuttles.


Why assume? Prove it or Orang Bunians come after you!


Have peng land organise the walk? You put your name down? You yourself use 4wd with 8 wheels whereas the real naturalists will not harm the nature. Talk very easy but do cannot.


ayoyo, how can you challenge them like that…they prefer talk than walk ….talk is cheaper mah… hehe

Cygnus Knight

If Lynas is so safe as claimed, why bring it all the way to Malaysia instead of processing it in Australia?


Don’t spoil aust China relationship. Aust said is Malaysia produce rare minerals to challenge China.

X Man

Because there is no Pahang Forum?

Cygnus Knight

P Ramlee gave us ‘3 Abdul’.
Now we are seeing ‘3 Mansor’



Don’t forget 3 Amigos


Before 308, DAP has one-life-don’t-waste mentality to carefully gain support of Penangites. Now as the gomen of the day, it seems to wantonly believe it has 9-lives to play the fool with Penangites. Forgetting what it has fought for pre-308 decades – conservation of Penang Hill, heritage assets, sustainable development, etc. If you can dig up old news of what these DAP politicians shrieked for, you may be appalled by what they are now doing the exact opposite. Rakyat fought for better UBAH in the hope of a better managed country. Here in Penang Darul Botak Tak Puas, we witness… Read more »


Dig old news? Now stomach roars like tiger in belum. Where is the cheap one ton mee in your past posting?


Nothing compared to virgin forest in Johor cleared extensively for oil palm plantation, also ecosystem damage!

Cygnus Knight

But someone just keep quiet


DAP government is doing fine…only loser and thick skull is not happy..hehe


All hill developments in Penang, whether for housing or highways / roads should have EIA (independent of state interference). Otherwise, we rightly suspect CAT Gomen after 308 conveniently changed the rule of law for hill development (like CAT’s loophole Special Projects, Special Area Plan) to cater to its uncontrolled appetite for insanity of special hill development. Future hill disasters should hold the CAT Gomen (besides the developers, contractors & not only engineers) & responsible ministers strictly accountable to court charges & jail sentences. Irrespective of whether Nature is involved or not. Otherwise, CAT acronym spells disasters in Penang Darul Bukit… Read more »


Penang Hill Corporation (PHC) general manager Cheok Lay Leng assured the public that the two hotels would be developed on existing footprint with no hill clearing involved. “PHC is committed to preserving Penang Hill with careful sustainable developments of key infrastructure. “This proposal involved the refurbishment of Convalescent Bungalow and the redevelopment of the 13 dilapidated buildings that used to be workers’ quarters along the Coolie Line (Strawberry Valley) at the hilltop. “The two hotels won’t be built from scratch. Neither will it be based on the 1989 proposal where there will be hotels, spa, golf course and a casino… Read more »


Now pg forum forgets they get water from muda. Sudah jadi muda . muda water boleh hip hop and boggie.


Drink water remember the source – a Chinese saying!

V Ramesh

Now people in Malaysia drink water remember Coway and Cuckoo water filtration system, else drink sediments however pure the water Minister Xavier has claimed.


Rakan muda more keen in enjoying life, boggie and hip hop rather than grateful as to the source.


ask penang forum ,it is so easy to criticize when not in the government, …