Only one new case in Penang over last two days as nature gets a breather

7.50am at Batu Ferringhi, Penang on 4 April 2020 - Photograph: Lye Tuck-Po

It looks like the number of new cases has slowed to a trickle in Penang – zero new cases yesterday and one today for a total of 99 so far. That is a welcome development.

Nationally, the daily rate of increase in new cases dropped to its lowest level (a rise of 4.5% today) since the pandemic broke out, as the tally reached 3,483.

Are we seeing the light at the end of the tunnel? The number of people in intensive care actually dropped from 108 yesterday to 99 today. So the measures seem to be working.

Meanwhile, the colours of nature appear to have grown more striking. The photo above was taken at 7.50am today as the sun rose in Batu Ferringhi. I like the golden hue on the left and the shades of deep blue of the sea. It has been a while since I noticed such colours.

All it took for nature to refresh itself a little was for human beings to stay indoors for a couple of weeks, a friend observed.

Another friend shared with me this thought-provoking Guardian article –‘Tip of the iceberg’: is our destruction of nature responsible for Covid-19?

In 2008, Jones and a team of researchers identified 335 diseases that emerged between 1960 and 2004, at least 60% of which came from animals.

Increasingly, says Jones, these zoonotic diseases are linked to environmental change and human behaviour. The disruption of pristine forests driven by logging, mining, road building through remote places, rapid urbanisation and population growth is bringing people into closer contact with animal species they may never have been near before, she says.

The resulting transmission of disease from wildlife to humans, she says, is now “a hidden cost of human economic development….”

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Bayi Yoda

Covid-19 has created havocs to food supply chain and rise in prices of basic food like vegetables. Malaysia moves into industrialization and neglects agriculture growth other than palm oil proliferation that disturbs eco diversity. Failures like Perwaja steel and distinct Malaysia electrical/automotive brands a big waste of public fund. Palm oil has little value to ordinary folks other than big corporation; an at this moment palm oil cannot match more drastic domestic needs for the likes of onions to cook decent curry meals! Third Force advovates like Anil should add agriculture sustainability in GE15 agenda. Being a tropical country Malaysia… Read more »


Vietnam has decided not to export its rice while Thailand has planned to increase the price of rice, due to less than perfect harvest (Climate Change?). Somehow here in Malaysia there is no worry about food shortage. Even fresh vegetables from Cameron are discarded because of poor logistics due to MCO. Vegetables should be more valuable than palm oil to local consumers, unless you are a Felda settler. If only the government could help the vege farmers as much as they help the palm oil producers. The labor work at the oil palm plantation is mostly done by foreign labor,… Read more »


when farmers dump their veg, where are those environmentalists and sustainablists who use to shout. Shouting is very easy than doing.

Ma jiji

It’s time the govt starts a fine-tuning aim at different states and particularly “hot spots”. It’s not fair to implement “one size fits all” style MCO ! It does look obvious that the northern states are not that serious at all, right ?

Bayi Yoda

You can check by keying in your IC no. to know if you are qualified to receive monetary aid from taxpayers

I guess most will spend the money on necessities like food or debts.

Ma jiji

Cases by State- As of Apr 6, 2020 5:35 PM State Confirmed Deaths Selangor 970 ↑ 27 8 Kuala Lumpur640 ↑ 18 10 ↑ 1 Johor 468 ↑ 30 13 Sarawak 273 ↑ 12 12 ↑ 2 Sabah 240 ↑ 2 2 ↑ 1 N Sembilan 239 ↑ 8 4 Perak 219 ↑ 6 2 Pahang 161 ↑ 3 1 Kelantan 142 ↑ 1 3 P Pinang 101 1 Melaka 99 ↑ 10 2 Terengganu 90 ↑ 6 1 ↑ 1 Kedah 85 ↑ 3 1 Putrajaya 41 ↑ 4 1 Perlis 13 ↑ 1 1 Labuan 12 ↑… Read more »


GEORGE TOWN, April 9 — Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow today said there were no new clusters of Covid-19 reported in the state to-date.

He said the latest cases in the state, including six new cases yesterday, were due to exposure from an old cluster.


Compared to other countries, Italy, Spain, France and UK report far higher rates of death from Covid-19. What is really happpening? Here is a look into the bureaucracy, incompetence, hype, fear-mongering, power-grabbing and money-making:

On the home front, we heard a couple of days ago that the rate of testing would increase to 8,000/day or so from 3000. When will this be achieved? Is there a supply contractor involved? If this is a genuine threat, who gets priority for testing? How often will front-line staff including those in shops and banks be tested?


A gomen. hospital will test you only if you have had extended contact with a confirmed case or arrived from a country that had infections. For others, there is a vague reference to private hospitals. Which ones? At what cost? You may waste time and money making calls, getting directions and driving long distances if you don’t understand this.

Yet, we hear report of many including villagers getting tested. How does one get into this special category? Will the VVVIPs who fall ill join others in gomen hospitals, or will they get special treatment in “quarantine” centres at public cost?

Ma jiji

GEORGE TOWN: The Penang government today urged the federal authorities to tighten control over entry points into mainland Seberang Perai to contain the spread of Covid-19.

Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow said the home ministry should immediately step up on cross-state border checks.
Seberang Perai has reported the most Covid-19 cases in Penang with 64 as of yesterday, 37 of which were in the central Seberang Perai district.

Seberang Perai is touted a religious center of sort in all these years?


so the other way round. tighten control those trying to enter the island. Penang island is like Hong Kong or Taiwan. Let the sea be the bottle neck to the flow of movement


Umno and PAS have disagreement over Heineken?

Probably a new feud within PN?


Many are lost in propaganda, including entertainment that discounts what is out there. Those trapped in the rat race are too exhausted. Keeping yourself entertained with little, e.g. nature, casual chats, a walk or a traditional hobby, is a threat to GDP and capitalism. Even for cycling, they promote various accessories including a helmet. Holidays in far-away places rank far higher than ones to neighbouring towns or states. The dimunitive term “staycation” means that you have taken leave from work but not gone elsewhere: for the sin of being a “cheapskate”, you lose social status. Try to look at the… Read more »

Bayi Yoda

Penang commerce like shopping malls and F&B now in standstill due to MCO.

Flourishing businesses include grocery outlets like Tesco, Giant and Sunshine where customers q up to get in. They are making good profits as many now spend there eith no where rlse to patronise.

Further “lockdown” could see the closures of Mamak chains and only the fittest can survive the outbreak.

New economic order with new business models evolving like it or not.


No choice, the eat and sam seng outdoor is move to indoor. 2M – masak dan makan sendiri. Food shop is buying less and household is buying out. The outflow to Treatment Plant is still the same


Speaking of choice, rich people do not need to make good choices, they have good choices (cash is king?).

So B40 and M40 must now lower their standard of living, spend less on wants and luxuries, as they cannot expect to be paid the same as before amid the worsening Covid-19 pandemic, according to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad:


b40 can only lower their standards by not eating as they no longer have anything. But the rich can spend more time eating. More time eating during movement control? Apa ini? More mouth movement during movement control?


A primary characteristic of neo-liberalism has been gigantism. The ultra-wealthy and connected undermine competition, kill off small businesses and then raise prices. People still patronise them due to marketing and lack of choice. Now, people will think twice about exposing themselves to giant central aircon, tainted trolleys, etc. They will reconsider the “loss of status” in walking or cycling to the neighbourhood shop, cutting down on ephemeral products, and paying the local outlet even 10% more for basic needs. Some tech. to reduce the scale of industries — even steel-making — can take off if there is strict control on… Read more »


Anil universe will get a breather if tunglang is returning with his cimments, assuming he is still alive and kicking despite the covid or shrieking threat.


We shall await the second coming of tunglang. Meantime must be aware of those “false prophets” proclaiming the bunian spirits of Belum origin.

Let us hope Mrs tunglang can nag him (no need to use Doraemon tone) into action, assuming tunglang is a He.

Bayi Yoda

Tunglang has been inactive for years. His blog has not been updated since 2013.

There are many impostors to keep his critics shrieking.


Many anil readers could not adapt to the new normal without tunglang’s rantings. Anil must summon the spirits of tunglang, imitations or not, to spice up the site.