Ladies and gentleman, we have arrived at Penang International Airport


This is our “iconic” international airport at Pulau Pinang “Darul Banjir”. Let’s clear more hills, build and widen more roads, and pave paradise.

Let’s say they go ahead with that expensive RM8bn elevated LRT from the airport to George Town. Just think… passengers arriving at the airport can be transported by gondolas to the LRT station.

Imagine, we could turn Penang airport into something like St Mark’s Square at the Las Vegas Venetian Hotel and Casino, like this:

(That blue sky in the video is artificial. The whole set is indoors. Likewise, we can create a haze-free blue sky inside Penang airport.)

Then, while cruising in the elevated LRT heading to Komtar, (assuming the LRT can still move in the floods), passengers can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the panoramic Pearl of the Orient Venice of the East without getting their feet wet.

Just think how many more tourists will flock to Penang.

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X Man

Do you know in Kelantan already got vendors selling food on boats at riverside, like in Bangkok. If Jln P Ramlee in Penang always got flood, can turn it into similar attraction, serving Penang hawker food on boat while keeping the flood water?


Turn crisis into business opportunity!!!


Interestingly, despite the massive flood in Penang last year, tourist still flocking to Penang…so a small pool of water would not hurt tourism in Penang …to the disappointment of the writer of this article..

Kathryn Chang Barker

Keep up the pressure. Penang is worth saving.

Ismet Ulam Raja

The champion state, they say.


still better then Kelantan who can’t pay their civil servant..

X Man

Kelantan will borrow some more since the monsoon will likely bring massive flood this December.


From now onwards, all floods in Penang will be blamed on the bad, bad weather!
No need to do anything about it.
Don’t worry, be blameless!

Penang Intl. Airport anxious passenger: Hello, do you sell any Phua Chu Kong Yellow Boots?


Why is Penang Gomen so quiet


“A class divide could threaten Singapore’s existence because it would pit Singaporeans against Singaporeans. The divide would render Singapore to be rife with populism and to be consumed by sub-national identities. The class divide is also likely to reinforce existing cleavages based on race, religion and language.” — South China Morning Post Read more at Cosmopolitan Penang – a dream of 308 which is going to a destiny of haves & have-nots, of a class divide getting wider by the numerous super condos built, of low salaries for decades, of social status & bin-chui to get ahead of the… Read more »


Class Divide in Penang is evident on public buses, only B40 are passengers. In Singapore 80% of residents take public transportation.

Lian Xuegeng

Malaysia class divide between rakyat and wailao?

Ho Wan Lai

City of Dream on man-made island between Tanjong Toking and Bagan Ajam (with cross over bridge or undersea tunnel) an exclusive for the Elites among the T05 of Malaysians and Foreign Communities. Could be the CM Chow’s Vision 2030 to tax them high for the B20 benefits, may be Anil has investigative report on that.

Betrice K

Singapore can not compare to Malaysia where B40 can also own personal cars and no need to take bus!


Reported on TV news last nite that MRT at Petaling Jaya has failed to attract enough ridership because the residential area the MRT passing through are landed homes where people can afford to drive.


Where is the ‘water retention pond’ that is supposed to be built near the airport to collect excess rainwater?

Ho Wan Lai

Now exCM a federal finance minister, no more reason why no timely allocation to solve airport flooding.


Too busy to argue & trade barbs with PAS. Ego more important than looking into financial solutions to solve Penang’s floods, which btw he did weep like a baby on Najib’s shoulder? to show genuine CAT sorrow for pressing financial aid.
To hehe or khau-khau?