As bewildered motorists look on, water spout crosses over Penang Bridge


A water spout crossed over Penang Bridge as bewildered motorists looked on this evening. Does anyone else think the weather is getting a bit more freakish or it it just me?

In Butterworth, a brief downpour at 5.45pm resulted in flash floods by 6.15pm in several housing areas. Floods hit about 100 homes in Taman Bagan, 250 in Taman Cantik and 70 in Taman Kerapu, according to a source, adding that the water level rose up to two feet in some places.

“(It is the) worst flood in Taman Bagan and Taman Cantik in a decade.”

He said the flooding could be due to the broken hinges of a trash screen at a tidal gate near the Bagan Specialist Centre, obstructing efforts to remove the rubbish.

More early warning signs for all of us.

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Yes, those who drive regularly should be feeling guilty contributing to global warming. But certain regular readers here will blame the state government for such phenomenon.

Honest Creed

Yes, they will say it is a bad omen for DAP Penang.


good more tourist. twisters found in yankee mid west where corns are grown. people chase twisters

Siang Yee

Penang can market such natural phenomenon as a tourist attraction, just like the Northern Lights attracting tourists to Iceland.


PPS is lawful and their voluntary presence now can help the public in distress during flood caused by freaky weather.