UK Parliament declares climate change emergency; what about Malaysia?


In a stunning development, the UK Parliament yesterday became the first to declare a climate change emergency after sustained pressure from an environmental activist group.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn tabled the motion and it was approved by MPs without a vote.

Corbyn had earlier told the activists, “This can set off a wave of action from parliaments and governments around the globe.”

Unfortunately, here in Malaysia, we don’t seem to have received the ‘memo’ – the issue received scant coverage in the media, and it is largely business as usual here.

We continue to argue about race and religion while merrily talking about building a multi-billion ringgit six-lane highway over urban parks and tunnelling through hills.

Forests continue to be cleared all over the country.

Hills are cut for high-end property development, timber and mono-crop plantations.

A large new airport is being proposed near an existing one.

A third national car has been proposed.

Unnecessarily massive land reclamation for super high-density property development is in the pipeline, much of it for the wealthy – and to earn massive profits for the wealthy.

It is almost as if we are living on a different planet. Full article on Aliran website

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Vehicle emmisions hasten climate change


‘If the waste is safe as claimed by Lynas, why didn’t Australia want to accept it back?’


Climate Change (according to a kid)


Cars, carbon & climate change – as explained in this simpke animation video “In Hot Pursuit”:


Another good animation video from NASA – gas problem:


It is time to change the term from climate change to something like climate catastrophe – though catastrophe sounds localised. When commenting on “under-performing” youth – lack of discipline and ambition, addiction to ICT, etc. – we should consider their handicaps and prospects. Many of them grew up without the constant guidance of at least one guardian, or unstructured leisure in green spaces. Normal mental development requires these factors. Their education was deliberately allowed to deteriorate; in Bolehland, many are trapped in the narrow Bahasa world. Many are dependent on relatives for shelter due to poor wages or lack of… Read more »

V Ramesh

Never trust Corbyn who is a noise maker with no constructive solutions.


Oppositions are like that.


On a basic aspect of climate: we are fortunate to be in the path of major atmospheric currents that bring rain regularly and moderately. You can see this in the weather displays on TV around the year, compared to the displays for other parts of the world. Yet, we have managed to create droughts through “development”. Conversely, a few states plundering their resources have abandoned their people to floods almost every other year. Many sources of potable water are poisoned. Yet, the reports invariably mention only “methane”, mud, etc. Can used motor oil (for e.g.) or the tens of thousands… Read more »


Learn from Oslo’s Zero-Emission City initiative: