When motorists and boats share the same road …


Think climate change won’t affect us? Think again. This was the scene yesterday in Kemaman (Terengganu), where motorists had to share the road with boats.

Over in Kuantan, the town was swamped with flood waters. But then we shouldn’t be surprised. It doesn’t help when we cover the whole place with concrete (so-called ‘development’) and tar (roads and parking lots for our precious cars). How can the earth absorb the rain water? (It can’t.)

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This is a yearly affair nothing new, so where have all our tax money gone, BN?


Karma? Be-end will blame it on weather, and the municipal councils will blame it on “clogged drains. All pointing fingers and yet, not scientific calculation shown why it the flood hit fast and high.

When there is no science involve, smart-alecks will builds huge drains towards the river. Without a floodgate blocking the back flow, when river overflow, all water just reverse the course.


While the flood here in Penang was well taken care off and yet Gerakan and their sycophants complained about it. Now they have seen the incompetency and inefficiency of the UMNO BN govt and their sycophants. With such incompetency and inefficiency, the toxic by the Lynas will consume the whole population to such a sickening level.