Teluk Kumbar hit by flash floods “for the first time”


Social media users are reporting that the flash floods that hit Teluk Kumbar in southern Penang island this morning are unprecedented.

Kampung Suluk, Teluk Kumbar, Bayan Lepas – Photograph: Kay Rassidi

Heavy rain lashed several parts of the state since dawn. Weather forecasts suggest more thunderstorms are in store in the coming week.

Looking at the map below, you can see that some hill land in the Teluk Kumbar area appears to have been cleared.

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Who is responsible for monitoring the integrity of such hill-slopes and the impact of the clearing? If there has been approval for projects, it comes under MPPP. As for monitoring illegal hill-cutting or clearing, I understand it comes under the jurisdiction of the District Office under the state government.

Balik Pulau too was not spared.

Teluk Kumbar floods – Photograph: Awliya Shafiq

Expect to see more such images in coming years with climate change and unchecked property development.

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16 Oct 2013 3.57pm

Rasputin, There is a time limit for construction after approval. After a certain no of years, the plans have to be re-submitted. Plans submiited by developers during the time of BN would have all expired, and would have to be renewed or re-submiited.

16 Oct 2013 1.54am

My question is still unanswered. I want to know which state govts. approved the project;
the previous state govt, BN, or the current state govt. PR? I’m not interested with the
CM, or the Tokong nor the MPPP. These are perepheral.

15 Oct 2013 6.50pm

OM Saigal and Rasputin… Which part of “Hand Of Tokong” don’t you understand. As Mofaz said, all approvals are from CM, and basically MPPP is a toothless tiger. And which part of “Management Under Developers” don’t you understand?

15 Oct 2013 9.10pm
Reply to  SamG

I was told by an ‘insider’ of richie home industry ie a housing agent that for developers to get approval of their proposed projects, one of the criteria is the level of pricing, which (apparently) has to be AOK-ed by the CM himself(?)
Now, we should ‘kow-peh’ the sky-high home prices at whose front door?

15 Oct 2013 9.31pm
Reply to  tunglang

Just wondering, you have 2 icon ( one with the topi).
Are you using the same email when posting.Hoping for your reply.Since i have 2 icon also with same email posting.

rajraman. Thanks tunglang.

15 Oct 2013 10.55pm
Reply to  tunglang

rajraman, this could be due to’s unstable profile display or may be I didn’t sign in my Facebook while commenting here. The topi usually appear when my Kopi-O kau kau has reached the zenith of my imaginative thoughts or urge to speak without fear or favor!

OM Saigal
15 Oct 2013 5.43pm

We need to know who made the mess and give them the gunny sack !!

15 Oct 2013 3.54pm

Who actually approved this hill-site project…..the former state govt. BN, or the present PR
state govt. that unfortunately led to the shaving off part of the hill slope botak?
We want to know the culprit.

15 Oct 2013 10.46am

Every development that involves hill lands or slopes has to get state gov. Approval through the State Planning Committee chaired by the CM. Today MPPP has virtually no power to approve projects without the CM’s consent..fact

14 Oct 2013 1.24pm

Told you so. Ist term very clean, very efficient, Now, beginning 2nd term not so clean. If given 3rd. term become richest … in Penang. No need 4th term. Happy retirement.

Condo Lim
Condo Lim
14 Oct 2013 9.36pm
Reply to  Albert

Do you hinting CORRUPTION in your comment ???

p/s: Welcome to UBAH-land that full of taint-less incorruptible angels

don anamalai
don anamalai
14 Oct 2013 11.31am


You might be interested to know more about ‘Working Poor’ in Singapore.
Watch this segment by Channel News Asia on Youtube:

Social service practitioners and labour economists in Singapore — have identified an emerging class of what’s termed, the “working poor”. They say it’s a problem that needs to be addressed against the backdrop of an aging and shrinking population and argue that more can be done to raise the pay of low wage workers.

Don Anamalai
Don Anamalai
14 Oct 2013 10.29am

A good time for those unhappy with over-development to vent their frustration.
Any clearing of hills in Penang must stop now.
When the rich build their dream home on hill top, the poor down at the bottom suffers.
Where is the CSR from the developers?

13 Oct 2013 8.10pm

It’ normal for Political Trader to help another Big Brother clear the land.Everything happen in front the eye but they closed both eye.$ talk every where even in Haven.
rajraman. Maybe later they will say its act of god.The Demi God have weakness when comes to big Brothers project like his UM No brothers.

They are no permanent enemy in Politic but there is one common thing about Politician – MONEY.

13 Oct 2013 9.36pm
Reply to  rajraman666

“No Money, No Talk. But Got Money, Can Break Laws”
Not too different from “you scratch my money covered back, I scratch your no backbone (no ethics) back”.
At least, the Banyan tree tokongs of Malaysian rainforest can & will deal with word of mouth promises delivered without fail.

13 Oct 2013 7.59pm

Thats why Jong, I continue to say, Management Under Developers. Developers are having a free hand. Cutting hillslope less than 30 degrees, they come back cutting hill slope at 29 degrees. The developers can do what they like as State Govt (appears to) have given them a blank cheque, to flatten any hill… God Bless Penang rules by MUD

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
13 Oct 2013 5.23pm

It is Gerakan fault !!! That is the standard response from Tokong and his fans. This is the price of FAST TRACKED OVER-DEVELOPMENT. Welcome to UBAH-land ~

13 Oct 2013 9.37pm
Reply to  Gerakan K

Gerakan as good as dead.If Penang back to UMNO, Gerakan will never be the Chief Minister again but Penang 4 ever belong to DEMI GOD.

rajraman. Agreed with you GK, fast track and fast money play a part buts its happen everywhere in any Political Party.Check and balance by people must be there.

I hate Khalid – 2 over billions under his pillow but potholes appear by thousands and housing estate maintenance in shambles.What’ happen to my quit rent MB Khalid? Under your pillow? I want a answer.

13 Oct 2013 4.21pm

Don’t play, play with Nature’s tokongs of Pulau Pinang. Sea tokongs already angry with on-going Tanjung Tokong development rendering the fragile coastline to dangerous erosions & unsightly mud deposition. Hill tokongs already angry with botak-ing of Relau Hills (of Bukit Gambier) & Tanjung Bungah. Kampung tokongs already angry with more botak-ing of fruit plantations & hills in Teluk Kumbar & Balik Pulau. Only one Tokong is not concerned but his ever-“Tha Cheng Chi” Chow Kon Yeow will have to answer at short-notice call from Komtar Tower. “Tha Cheng Chi” means to take the angry shots. Welcome to Cosmopolitan Penang of… Read more »

13 Oct 2013 3.56pm

It’s obvious, the hill is balding fast!
“Who is responsible for monitoring the integrity of such hill-slopes?” – Good Q! Any approval of projects, don’t they come before a FullBoard Meet and Penang state government be duly informed before an official nod given?

13 Oct 2013 2.51pm

Welcome to Pulau Pinang Darul Developer! Its MUD and MUD (Management Under Developers). I support Samy Vellu style excuses, Hands of God!. This is Hand of Tokong. If one drives from Bayan Lepas down to Teluk Kumbar and further, the way the hillslope have been cut and raped is very distressing.
Apa Lagi Tokong mau? Sudah gadai negeri to the developers! I used to thrash Ong Eu Soon, now I realize what he was saying made some sense after all…