Strong winds lash northern Malaysia – a sign of the times


Strong gusts of wind – the tail end of violent super typhoon Lekima, which has slammed into southern Japan and eastern China – wreaked havoc in northern Peninsula Malaysia last night.

Last night, residents looked on in alarm as howling winds sent roofing, signboards, outdoor tables, chairs and other debris hurtling down streets and corridors. Parked motorcycles fell like dominoes. Strong gusts knocked down several trees, which crashed like boxers hit by a sucker punch.

The morning after – a trail of damage along the streets of Penang the likes of which I have never seen before. Fallen trees, branches and leaves lined the damp wind-swept roads, as motorists gingerly manoeuvred their way through the roads, many of them previously widened, leaving little room for the tree roots to spread.

It was the worst windstorm Penang has witnessed in recent years – suggesting that climate change is well and truly here. We are going to see more and more of such super typhoons in the coming years.

This is why we must become more climate resilient in the coming years, focusing on protecting our natural environment, improving food security, taking care of our coastlines and protecting our hills.

This is why our transport network should focus on reducing emissions – not building many more highways that would only result in induced demand ie encourage more cars.

This is why we should focus on sustainable mobility by improving public transport – starting with a state-wide revamp of our bus system instead of wasting RM20bn on mega projects that would benefit well-connected corporate interests.

Singapore’s buses carry 3.9 million people daily (2016), more than its MRT (3.1 million) and light rail (0.2 million). There are about 5,800 buses in Singapore (which has three times the population of Penang). Penang has just 300 buses.

We continue with business as usual at our peril.

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Over 50, 000 fish found dead in Teluk Bahang, fish breeder suffers RM800, 000 in losses Horrible! At the rate that Penang coastal seawater is polluted with toxic, Penangites will wake up one day having to pay for very expensive fishes, notwithstanding the soon-to-be-real fact that there will be less fishermen but more fish breeders like this Ooi Hye Hin who has suffered losses of about RM800,000 after more than 50, 000 of his fish died. Still fancy those 3-Fantasy Islands on soon-to-be south reclaimed land that will definitely do the same ‘killing field’ to many fishes of fish… Read more »


If Jabatan Alam Sekitar & Minister of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change, YB Yeo Bee Yin continue to be helpless + clueless or cannot assure at anytime, protection of fish breeders’ sea water in Penang but continue to allow more insane sea reclamation, what hope is there for seafood security in the northern region? What have they done constructively with USM revelation of recent sea water contamination? Might as well recommend to DAPCAT to breed its brand of eatable cats in Komtar Tower as alternative food security for the whole of Penang! Go visit Vietnam for lawat sambil… Read more »


Tu Lang, now you become fish monger? You become fish expert? Even Penang forum did not blame on reclamation. The breeder blame on toxicity. Water affected by reclamation will be kopi susu. If is kopi susu then must be milk tea. Lucky dead fish is from the fish farm who is more responsible. If from fishermen, they will mix and sell them chip chip to you since you looking for chip chip sea fish

Milk Tea

CAT gomen, please compensate those fishermans…you earn billions from selling our lands. Where are all those promises before election?


wow….not even built yet already intoxicate contaminate the fishes…in your imagination lar maybe…hehe

everyday peddle half truth to fool the ignoramus and dim wit..many studies have found that land reclamation has little impact on water quality of surrounding no baca ke ??


The Jawi backlah typhoon swept away the trust of chinese on DAP. The shrieking euphoria of 509 is finally subdued. Opportunity for Gerakan to rise up from the ashes. Hard lesson for DAP: never take your support for granted.


Here comes the euphoria of the remnants of the bankrupt nation(BN) mosquito party…..hehe…I am afraid not so soon lar….LOL

Lim Goh Poh

For sure no more clean sweep of DAP in Penang in GE15. Sorry CM Chow likely only 1 term to realize his vision for Penang. Kopi O shop talks (i dont side any parties btw) circle around of DAP kowtow to DrM, very similar to that of MCA and Gerakan that have angered the “marginalised” communities. Many are sick of many cases suspiciously masterminded to split Harapan. Now i’m going for my …free japanese electro pulses treatment at shoplot opposite Pekaka Square to improve my blood circulation and toxic discharge, so that i have healthier vision to vote rightly in… Read more »


True colours of Tun M reemerged when he called Dong Zong racist, to the delight of MCA as more chinese will be unhappy with PH now.

DAP is in disarray as its 6 ministers are disconnected with grassroot leaders, PKR is imploding with civil war, Bersatu is admiting Umno frogs… no reform is in the horizon with hurdles in Khat, Lynas, unilateral conversion, DSAI handover…

PH can only survive one term.

Milk Tea

DAP represents all Malaysians ma…but they forget that which group voted for them endlessly. Volunteer here and there….milo tin to milk our money…Political suicide…Fake Malaysian Malaysia party in this racist country.


Should have seen this coming since 95% placed all their eggs in one basket last GE. Having killed off MCA (who were the ones responsible for preserving the most complete form of Chinese education in the world outside of Mainland and Taiwan),and after the events of LGE meddling with UTAR and the Khat issue, I would expect even more forcible interference towards the no more presumed “status quo” of Chinese institution.


If election is held now, I will cast a spoilt vote.

Sorry no vote for MCA (clearly instigating the chinese educationist in the khat issue) or Gerakan (no viable plan from them).

Many will do the same, and Umno-PAS will take over Putrajaya.


Reducing emissions?

3rd national car is coming in 2021.
Good luck to all!

Singapore is successful with public transportation because it makes car ownership expensive with COE. Here in Malaysia everyone can own and drive personal cars.


Eat less meat to protect the earth from global warming – read the article on Sunday Star to find out why.


Reducing the demand for meat in diets is an important approach to lowering the environmental impact of the food system. The livestock industry is a double climate threat: it replaces CO2-absorbing forests – notably in sub-tropical Brazil – with land for grazing and soy crops for cattle feed. The animals also belch huge amounts of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. On average, beef requires 20 times more land and emits 20 times more greenhouse gases per unit of edible protein than basic plant proteins, notes the World Resources Institute, a Washington-based policy think tank. For all these reasons, the IPCC… Read more »


Animals eat grass and release methane more. What about mankind? If we eat less meat and more green leaves like vegetables, then we will orso fart more and release methane too.

Milk Tea

Bless your mind Shriek…pening like your boss LKS, U-Turn here and there. First, say ok, now switch side…Time to ask your boss to retire if he fight for nothing….Jibby still roaming free.


Drove into Jalan Biggs this morning, came across a fallen lamp post blocking the entire road width near the junction with Jalan Park. Had to make a U-turn out. Last night I was about to drive into this Jalan Biggs but saw it was pitch dark like the rainforest & my hunch told me to avoid it. Q: Why no road caution or no entry signage at the junction of Jalan Biggs / Jalan Cantonment? Had someone with poor night vision drove into Jalan Biggs last night, imagine the catastrophe. Q: Why no Rela guys to guide motorists away from… Read more »


WHY why why? Why not take bus? Here mentions climate change and encourage to take public transport. Why NGO only blame system when behaviour is not changed.


Q:still driving around polluting the air then come here kpkb ? take your favourite bus lar will you….hehe


Bet tu Lang enjoys the new highway when completed. Fast, save fuel, less wear and tear. Or will tu Lang boycott the new route even if he is the passenger of another person’s car

Lim Goh Poh

Natural havocs can damage properties in short span of time.

Don’t park your precious cars under trees.

Strong wind with heavy thunderstorm causing blackout, flooding and landslide could be a norm now so be careful Penang.


The debris of fallen trees, branches, billboards, even a Ko-Tai stage opposite EconSave, Paya Terubong was so extensive, MBPP had its hands full to clear them all as evident this afternoon.

Electricity cables were hanging precariously low after several roadside poles snapped along Jalan D.S.Ramanathan (off Cantonment Road). And a lone Samarithan guy in red shirt was coolly directing traffic to avoid the electric cables. T.Q. Sir. Now, where are thee Traffic Polis guys?

It may take days for MBPP to finally achieve a Cleaner (of debris), Greener Penang!


Globally, animal agriculture is responsible for more greenhouse gases than all the world’s transportation systems combined. According to the United Nations, a global shift toward a vegan diet is necessary to combat the worst effects of climate change. It takes almost 20 times less land to feed someone on a plant-based (vegan) diet than it does to feed a meat-eater since the crops are consumed directly instead of being used to feed animals. It takes up to 10 pounds of grain to produce just 1 pound of meat, and in the United States alone, 56 million acres of land… Read more »

Hong Sr.

The Chinese Community unanimously sent you to power, and this is how you repay them so to maintain your political relevance .

It shows that the best Formula is the Barisan Nasional Formula, where Malay don’t have big problem with Dong Zong to the extend to call them off .

Under Barisan Nasional, Malays are even OK to send their kids to Chinese school.

Pakatan Harapan “ Malaysia Baharu” model on racial harmony is a pure failure.


Keep believing that (a) climate apocalypse is a delusion (b) your “powderful” registered-trade-mark deity will protect you. Keep consuming, exploiting, polluting, destroying and (as administrators) regulating because all your sins are cleared by prayers, rituals, charity, etc.


truth is all the prediction of world ending climatic disaster in the past 50 years had failed miserably and the fear mongering environmentalist all fell flat on their faces…. hehe