Rare photo: Lightning streaks down on high-rise building in Penang


A flash of lightning streaks down and seemingly strikes a high-rise building in Penang.

Lightning flash - view of south from Komtar
Lightning flash – view of south from Komtar

Lawyer Karen Lai snapped this photo on 21 October from Komtar, facing south towards Penang Bridge. So this is probably along the Jelutong Expressway area. “Magnificent and terrifying,” she said.

Lightning has occasionally struck high-rise buildings in Penang in the past, but it is rare to see such incidents captured on film.

Penthouse, anyone?

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LGE’s fault again!


Stylo Logan,

Don’t you know lighting can be impeded ? Don’t blame God for bad planning, just go and ask an architect how, may be not Malaysia trained architect. Also do you know why no tornado in this part of the world ?

Don Anamalai

I think Stylo Logan merely asked those Perkasa folks not to anyhow attribute such phenomena as the retribution from God.


I thought when bad thing happened, God believers would say it was a test from God, and not punishment from God?

Low Shen-Cheang

There should not be damage if lightning rods are installed according to building plan. Who is the M & E consultant for this building, they should be able to brief us on their good job for this case.


Penang gomen now working hand in hand with Singapore gomen. The logo of PAP (Singapore ruling party) is THUNDER; so the Lord is telling the Penangites that Singapore is coming to help sustain the economy of Penang now that our Federal gomen is squeezing the cats hard (until left with tulang; no pun intended).

Stylo Logan

Luckily no tornado in Penang, else those usual suspects will cry foul over Cat again.


This is the result of ‘bad planning’ !

Stylo Logan

Act of God (Thor?) can be due to bad planning?


That building hit is Block A of Serina Bay apartment


Perkasa blames ‘touch a dog’, Oktoberfest for tornadoes.
Right-wing Malay group Perkasa has suggested that “widespread vice” in Malaysia, including “alcohol and dog-petting festivals”, had triggered the unusual tornadoes that have wreaked havoc in the country.