Penangites join Global Climate March on 29 November 2015


Penangites will be participating in a global climate march organised by tomorrow in George Town ahead of global climate talks in Paris.

The march, which will be part of the weekly Occupy Beach Street, is supported by the Penang Island City Council and the civil society network Penang Forum. The Penang Green Council will also be joining in.

The event starts at 8.00am tomorrow, 29 November at the intersection of Union Street and Beach Street in George Town, not far from HSBC.

This is the route map posted on the Facebook page of the Penang Green Council.

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The Science Behind Climate Change, Explained in 2 Minutes

This week in Paris negotiators from 195 countries will try to reach a deal aimed at reducing global carbon emissions. But what do scientists generally accept as damage to the earth? And how was it all caused? Bloomberg’s Tom Gibson explains in this 2-minute video. Worth your time watching with your family.


“50 Years… Sacrifice. Dedication. Service. For the People of Penang”. ARE YOU SURE? Already 2 terms have caused hardship for many & environmental destruction never seen before in Penang Island to the extent some like Mr Kee have to migrate to other states. … is this For the People of Penang trumpeting? And 50 yrs to thick-faced claim is excess imagination of an alley cat to hoodwink Penangites – Dr Lim Chong Eu would have rolled in his grave upon hearing this trumpeting. No need for expletive emo-slogan like that Naik Jeep’s. Implement the right people’s policies & if Penangites’… Read more »


A meaninglesd event if most people still choose to drive instead of car pooling or take public transportation after the event.


Car ownership in Malaysia is the third highest inthe world at a whopping 93% with 54% of households having more than one car – contributing to more greenhouse gas emissions.

By 2023, 65% of power generated in peninsular Malaysia will be from coal-fired plants, up from 48% in 2015, to release more CO2 to our atmosphere.

Gary Kim

Hard to believe such high car ownership in Malaysia until I validate your claim on Google to this report:

Also reported in the article: Malaysia is phasing out Ron 95, which is a lower grade petrol but widely used by motorists here because it is much cheaper than the higher-grade Ron 97. So motorists to pay more for fuel on top of the additional toll charges in 2016!

billy murugan

If these people are serious, then they should march to workplace daily instead of driving. Otherwise please spare us those showmanship for cheap publicity.

Gary Kim

Penang can emulate Oslo’s practice: Norway’s Oslo is the first European capital to permanently get rid of motor vehicles. For a country that is also striving to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, it makes sense that Norway’s doing away with cars—especially since burning one gallon of gas creates about 20 pounds of carbon dioxide. The new leftist city government has planned to prohibit cars from central Oslo by 2019 to slash emissions of greenhouse gases by 50% by 2020 compared to 1990 levels. The programme envisages a ban on private vehicles in the city centre which, is home to only… Read more »


This is a good video on how climate change could affect biodiversity:

What you can do about climate change:
Reducing your carbon footprint just got easier. This video uses animations and humour to teach people how they can personally help prevent global warming.

Don Anamalai

Take public transport and eat less meat to reduce carbon footprint.

billy murugan

The lembus can fart a lot with greenhouse gas whether living on condo or not. NFC should harness it as cooking gas for codominium dwellers. I have stopped eating beef so as not to promote cattle breeding that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.


Bacteria in the stomachs of cows and other ruminants (animals with chambered stomachs) produce methane, a strong greenhouse gas, that the animals release mostly by burping but sometimes also by farting. When cows fart, they release methane (CH4) into the atmosphere. In the US, about 20% of the methane emitted comes directly from cows.

Meat production (livestock farming) is one of the contributors to climate change, water waste and deforestation:

Please cut down on meat (particularly beef)consumption, if you cannot be a vegan.

kuning cilik

Better watch the video here to get the same message than waste fuel driving to the event and release more CO2 to the environment.


2015 will be the hottest on record and 2016 could be even hotter due to the El Niño weather pattern, the World Meteorological Organization said, warning that inaction on climate change could see global average temperatures rise by 6 degrees Celsius or more.

Next year may be even warmer; levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have risen to a new record every year for the past 30 years, and El Niño is likely to continue into 2016.