Pay heed to warnings from Nature


We mess around with Nature at our peril. This apparently happened in the last 24 hours near Gurney Drive in Penang where extensive land reclamation is being carried out.

That barge was carrying rocks believed to be from the Lumut area while the excavator on the barge that capsized was trying to unload the rocks into the sea.

So which is the company responsible for this fiasco? Why were they operating during poor weather conditions and putting the crane operator in harm’s way? What does this say about the safety procedures adopted by the developer/contractor?

Why this land reclamation in the first place? For an eight-lane highway and more high-end property development. Just what we need.

Last month, the body of a boat capsize victim was found near Gurney Drive:

Rosmin, from Manjung, Perak, was among a group of seven quarry workers travelling on the boat from the Batu Uban Jetty on the south-eastern coast of the island to Tanjong Tokong on the northern coast when the vessel capsized after being hit by strong waves near its destination on Friday night.

And below you can see erosion eating into the Butterworth Outer Ring Road in Bagan Ajam after strong waves and high tide hit the mainland. This area is near where the controversial proposed tunnel is supposed to join the mainland. Still don’t believe climate change will affect us?

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Will Barclay

Putting a heavy digger in one corner of a barge was always going to be a recipe for disaster! I don’t suppose the driver was able to get out from under the capsize either what a stupid and reckless to go about it. The work should definitely be stopped until safe procedures are in place or more deaths will follow.

Ong Eu Soon

After the accident, no stop order. Reclamation continued as usual.


federal agents what are they doing? polisi no investigation over this incidence? others can spend so much time ?

LGE tak boleh

Is there any action to be taken by LGE? This incident took place in Penang


What about the go kart tragedy in Pahang?


CAT is not for the welfare & safety of workers involved in the Gurney Drive land reclamation project?
Speedy fulfilment of this project is more important?
CAT = Can Afford Tragedies! (in Satu Lagi Projek Niao Kong)

LGE tak boleh

No stop work order issued?


Yes stop order for 4hr interrogation for 7 words Twitter. World record.


dont blame climate change. erosion is part of nature just like graviy. our kelantan gun embankment against japs were all eroded after ww2, the famous down under 12 apostles were washed away in victoria. the london bridge also collapse. mind you few humans live there. blame on wildlife and fishes which is the main culpit



Rebecca Wilkinson

I hope the excavator operator was safe. Looked awful & very frightening

Sandra Soh

While people talked about tragedy, good to see that you care for the victim.

Lim Siang Yee

Up to now no reader or even Anil has reported that the victim is safe.
They choose to focus on the accident to justify their displeasure over reclamation?


Even Jackie Chan may not try this!
Falling into the sea together with an excavator (2-ton?) is dicing with death.
Even if it’s calculated risk of getting tangled with such a monstrous load that can take one to the deepest seabed.

james k

That waterfall is actually man-made and deliberately created- a feature proudly advertised by the developer…


Luckily no untoward happening lah ! Or else, ask the Chinaman – China Communication Construction Company (CCCC) to (again?)滚蛋咯 !


Are you sure? BN is welcoming China firms offering itself to One Road One Belt, knowing China can assist in debt restructuring. Go ask Wee Kar Siong.

Lim Siang Yee

You will soon find out why Malaysia is supporting China in its 9-dash line claim over South China Sea. You help me, I help you. China is certainly playing up to the mantra of BN.