Nasa provides compelling evidence of climate change


Is it wet or dry season now? The weather in Penang has become highly unpredictable and erratic with the lines between the seasons blurred beyond recognition.

Erratic weather patterns in Penang - Photograph: 18 May 2014
Wet or dry – or both? Erratic weather patterns in Penang – View from mainland Penang, 18 May 2014

While a lot of our energy is being used to talk about ethnicity and religion (witness the hudud debate), precious little time is spent discussing our survival as a species in the face of compelling evidence of climate change. Should we bury our heads in the sand like the proverbial ostrich and think we can carry on with business as usual?

Nasa has warned that sea levels could rise after the melting in a glacial region of Antarctica has passed “the point of no return”. This is Nasa saying this and it is being reported in the mainstream business news agency (Bloomberg).

Check out this graph from Nasa:

Source: Nasa

And check out the compelling evidence for climate change and how it is already affecting us.

So the evidence is clear. But what has happened to Najib’s pledge to reduce Malaysia’s emissions by 40 per cent? And what are we doing about our own carbon footprint?

Why aren’t the politicians talking about climate change? If at all they are, are they drawing the connection to our unsustainable model of economic development and how it is worsening the situation and sending us hurtling towards the precipice?

What can we do about it? For a start, we could question the unsustainable model of economic growth and refuse to succumb to the mindless culture of consumerism.

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It is fascinating that most of the responses to this post are so far off-topic. We are told that scientists are warning us that our lifestyle is threatening the survival of human life, and most people respond by changing the topic. No wonder we are in danger. It is time to focus on the danger that faces all of us.


A simple technique to extract potable water from air, invented by Arturo Vittori:


Turncoat yang, between rampant corruption practised by Barang Naik and hudud, wonder which one is more scary and deadly???

As for me, i fear no hudud …

Rampant corruption has caused the nation dearly, hence rob and rope the rakyat now, GST !!!


Which is more scary, hudud curtailed your life and we may be amputated. Having hand or legs amputated is not scary enough. Whats scary we may not be able to perform our religious obligation if hudud continue. Recent action on Arlah BY THE STATE GOVT OF PAKATAN comprising DAP, PAS & PKR are one good example. Rampant corruption is everywhere even with KEY idols party and leaders The CAT sell regulated govt home of 72k sold 200k. Land given in advance for a tunnel not build yet. Land for a tunnel at 1300 psf when current price is 600 psf.… Read more »


Sometimes I wonder why DAP LGE, LKS likes to co-operate with turncoats. Anwar, Azmin so many PKR members. Or even PAS Aziz, Hadi, Awang. Are these not formerly with BN hahahah This key head really has no brain. So what if I am a turncoat. At least my brain is free, free to think, free to do what I like, free to go anywhere FREE FREE FREE and not subject to curtail by any one unlike yours, Mr. Key kneeling to your tokong cat

Ho Ho Ho



BN very afraid as young educated malays like Dyana is joining DAP.


Who is Dyana? She looks more like Saloma of the 50s silver screen!
P. Ramlee would be crooning her name full moon or not!
This is my 2 cents appreciation for things attractive, not necessary with substance.


Could NASA provide new leads to the missing MH370? Perhaps not as it could be a US conspiracy? Read more on the front-page news of The Sun today: Anglo-American author Nigel Cawthorne in his book ‘Flight MH370 – the Mystery’ cites a claim by New Zealander Mike McKay that he saw a burning plane from the oil rig he was working on in the Gulf of Thailand on March 8, the day the plane went missing. Cawthorne links McKay’s supposed sighting to joint-US military exercises in the region at the time, saying if MH370 was accidentally shot down during… Read more »


911 & MH370 both unwittingly share the same circumstantial evidences of secret government involvement on the very days of infamies: 1) no military jets were scrambled to the air space to intercept during the 1st hour of terrorism or no contact. Both identical responses were highly suspicious of delay tactics for the fulfilment of evil by proxies (such as Osama bin Laden). 2) military exercises of air force, navy & army in US & Cobra Gold & Cope Tiger in Thailand. SiSi-IA & Global Cop have been in this ‘dirty’ covert business for a long, long time – to gain… Read more »


Climate is changing for sure and relying on raw water from outside of Penang is not a wise decision to live with. Nothing is better than to rely on one self for it supply and that is why everyone is building up their own nest shelf instead of relying on someone else. This is particularly so with an important ingredient like water, without or lack of it is of utmost important to the very survival of life. Hence do not wait anymore and have a dissemination plant built in the island just like another island like Singapore. They too was… Read more »


Singapore wants to triple its output of recycled water by 2060, to meet growing demand. It is also expected that NEWater will account for half of Singapore’s projected water needs.
This is part of the country’s goal to achieve self-sufficiency before its water agreement with Malaysia expires in 2061.

CNN: How Singapore is making sure it doesn’t run out of water
A “four tap” strategy — which includes desalinated, recycled, rain and imported water — has won the PUB an outpouring of international praise, including the Stockholm Industry Water Award in 2007.


One day Malaysia May have to buy the Newater technology from Singapore.


M said Malaysia mudah lupa. so now less and less report on MH370. If the sad conspiracy theory is true, then more sorry for the victims n families than the bankruptcy of MAS !


What can we do about it? For a start, we could question the unsustainable model of economic growth and refuse to succumb to the mindless culture of consumerism. Not just question, we must stop the mindless culture of fast tract land development without proper sustainable model. And to that we must stop the CAT and make sure he go starting with Teluk Intan. Now what happened to the botak hill. The patch is still the same or bigger and what is the state govt doing about it.Just as I thought, close 1 eye just like the state housing that sell… Read more »


Hell hath no fury like a turncoat !!! Shame !!!


hahaha shame for still sleeping and supporting the one that want hudud