Floods inflict misery in Kelantan, Terengganu (video)


That’s the scene of devastation in Kelantan.

Large swathes of the East Coast are under water as some of the worst floods in recent times hit Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang.

Some 20000 people have been evacuated in Kelantan alone while 12000 were forced to move in neighbouring Terengganu.

Over in Hulu Terengganu, this was the aerial view:

The Pas-led government of Kelantan and the Umno-led government of Terengganu would be better off focusing on how to minimise and reduce the suffering caused by these floods.

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Good to see DAP helping out to rebuild their homes in the Impian Kelantan initiative:

Ignaswaran Kannusamy

Najib is playing golf in USA. RaKyat Di Dahalukan


Before that he was at east coast to carry baby of a flood victim. The footage was shown over RTM to show he is prihatin, then off he went flying here and there playing golf and this is not reported in mainstream media. Salute?


Najib missed 2nd putt golfing at Hawaii with Obama. He remote control government from there and probably instruct Obama to send rescue team for flood victims?


With the 1Malaysia private jet, any destination is possible on tax payers’ money.

Obviously Najib did not heed the ‘advice’ of perkasa, and chose to be away (on holiday?) while the country is facing the flood crisis.


Many Jews of White House at Hawaii golfing. Perkasa no perisik-perisik there to uphold their “values” in case Najib forgotten his “obligations” to Gaza ???


Najib can afford to go overseas (lawatan sambil belanja) as he is good in delegation with many ministers in his PM office, besides his deputy to do the dirty work in his absence.


Where is the Kelantan Mb in all this? More importantly, where is Najib?


The Sultan of Perak went personally to visit the flood victims.

In the Cameron Highlands disaster, the Sultan of Pahang went to see.

If Sultan can “turun padang” to show concern, a PM cannot???


Only 80 students scored straight As in PT3 while almost 31,000 scored straight As in PMR last year.

What has happened?
Is the new education blueprint bringing the education system into the twilight zone?

A topic worth further discussion in this blog.


Tuitionn centres now cannot guarantee ‘success’ in PT3?

One conclusion from this is that the previous Straignt As PMR students could be lacking in critical thinking skills.


The multiple-choice questions in PMR is subconciously teaching the students the art of ‘tikam tikam’ with their 2B pencil, which is a skill they further develop into marking the numbers on the betting slips of Magnum 4D and Sports Toto!


Just the way the Gelakan jerk-offs blamed the Penang government for the floods in Penang? Some people have selective memory loss?


I think you`ve got selective memory. Its the CAT & DAP that boast that they will solve the P Ramlee flood within 2 years after becoming the govt. Why boast when you cannot do it.


Anything the CAT promised BUT tak boleh buat can be fairly forgotten (naturally) & excusable.
This is ‘Absolute Vodka’ Selective Memory Blur-Blur!!!
Of course, the venerable Niau Kong cannot be blamed, neither be held accountable.
Such is the miserable state of idolisation of some knee-jerks of CATKapitan kingdom!!!

Cakap tak serupa bikin(i).

gk ong

The people of these two states have strong religious faith, attributing such misery to the test from their Almighty. So we should not worry for them.


While we cannot control floods (which to some degrees are karma of uncontrolled deforestation), ‘killing off’ of Penang Heritage icons can be avoided at all costs minus profiteering by you know who. First, we have fragile Madame Pykett ‘ravished’ (an indecent midnight rape to avoid public eyes). Now we have Pykett Methodist School on the way to oblivion. Who cares for irreplaceable Pg Heritage icons, which live & breathe in our daily lives? Hey, Methodist Council of Education. Is this the Christmas Surprise Gift to Penangites? Or is it self-ordained money-not-enough excuse for new cosmopolitan earthly things to come? God’s… Read more »


If the owner of Pykett wants to cash in by selling out to capitalism, then we cannot blame others.

Merry X’mas to all.
Hopefully no ‘cold turkey’ treatment due to no import of non-halal ones.


Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah (from the pulpits).
I love Yahweh, BUT deep in my earthly hearts I love earthly capitalism + $$$$$$$$ more than Your Sacrifice on the Cross (symbolism of Love & Salvation for mankind). Missionary missions = opportunistic profiteering of God’s assets!!!

Tis’ the Christmas cosmo-truth of some of God’s appointed servants (yang senang-lenang dah lupa sumpah kepada Tuhan).


Here is the rendition of ‘Hallelujah’ by Ben the recent winner of X Factor UK, a special Boxing Day dedication to all Christian readers of this blog:


If it is a Heritage Building, then CAT can stop the demolition and not approve the development

gk ong

I thought Methodist Church is quite good in soliciting funding from its members. Cannot understand why they need to profit from Pykett closure. Money no enough? Greed?

Awang Selamat Ori

I think Hudud is more important than looking after or assisting these flood victims.

Who cares really about the rakyat.

To PAS it had always been one sandiwara after another. To UMNObaru? Well, it flips, it flops, it twists and it turns to suit its very own needs. Who cares the Rakyat?

DAP? Well it Displaces And Punishes the poor and middle class that voted for them, and are good friends of the rich and famous developers!

Dei LGE, podah! Bikin tak serupa cakap!

Awang Selamat Ori

Mr. Anil, can you please correct the error above, DAP? It Displaces and Punishes . Thank you Mr. Anil, Merry Christmas to you and your family and a Blessed New Year.


Awang Selamat (Ori or Celup) please explain to Utusan readers why Najib’s golfing with Obama in Hawaii on Christmas Day is more important than Najib’s showing prihatin to the plight of Kelantan folks affected by flooding.

DPM surely not happy being delegated when his boss is having fun in the sun in Hawaii?


Sudah rasai MercS300Lansi, mana boleh masih teringat sokongan-308 99% Penangites?
Begitulah perangai (CAT) K-kapitan kapitalisme yang mendahului 1% orang kaya-raya & pemaju tamak.


Sudah rasai keseronokan dan keselesaan Jet 1Malaysia di awan biru, mana boleh masih teringat kesusahan Kelantanese dilanda banjir?
Begitulah perangai (1Malaysia) Ah Jib Kor yang mendahului pemimpin USA di padang golf.


Why so presumptuous? Who is the jerk here, supercally?
Well if terengganu is also under pas, be interesting what would be your comments. Would u point fingers at pas?


I bet that opposition jerks will start blaming it on the BN govt