Almost double the regular amount of rainfall in East Coast


This excerpt from the Malay Mail is revealing:

(Senior meteorologist) Mohd Hisham noted that most of the weather stations on the east coast have recorded almost double the regular amount of rainfall for December.

“It was supposed to be 500 to 600 millilitres (ml) but for this month, some stations have already recorded more than 1,000ml like in Kuantan where it hit 1,500ml,” he said, adding that the Pahang town had broken its own record for the highest level of rainfall in December.

Other towns such as Kuala Krai and Gong Kedak in Kelantan also broke records with 1,200ml and 1,000ml respectively, he said.

To me, this is the clearest sign of climate change that we have received. And yet, hardly any of our leaders are talking about climate change.

Thanks to blog reader Ken for the video link.

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Kangkung now rm5.99 per kilo at supermarket. Tell me cheaper vegetables pls……

Don Anamalai

Chicken per kilogram is now cheaper than most vegetable.
About time for KFC to drop prices to help rakyat?


Instead KFC has canceled its 25% discount for the 2-piece plate for Tuesdays,

Dr Syam

1) Najib stricke with E. coli passed on from flood victims ? Rosmah back to nurse PM ?

2) 1MDB CEO replaced while RM2billion loan not able to pay up to local banks again !

3) KLCI market continues to slide for 1st 3 days openings of 2015 – not so good news with falling ringgit ?

Yi & Putin

Malaysia is down 5 year low against the dollar.
Euro is down 8 years low agains the dollar

Don Anamalai

Bad times ahead as Ringgit and KLCI are heading downwards.

Perhaps we should promote Freeganism – a culture of finding and eating free food.

If the left-wing group wins the Greece Election (25 Jan), it will stop all austerity program imposed by EU, or may even break away from EU. Bad debts from Greece are looming. another financial tragedy (like the collapse of Lehman Bros) in the making?


Imported food items will be getting expensive.

Surely importex butter and milk is beyond affordability to many. So have to use margarine as substitute and surely Felda is happy for more palm oil consumptions.


subhas; Why go for imported foodstuff except those that are not produce here. If you go for imported butter and milk, that means you are well off otherwise you can get the local one at very affordable prices albeit a slight increase than before.


Many Malaysians do not know the difference between butter and margarine. Many ignorant consumers in Malaysia are deceived into buying ‘Butter Cake’ made with margarine and not butter. Margarine is a highly processed food that was invented to replace butter. The primary ingredient is vegetable oil along with emulsifiers, colorants and various artificial ingredients. Vegetable oil is liquid at room temperature. This is why margarine is often hydrogenated, which gives it a harder consistency and extends shelf life. Hydrogenation also turns some of the vegetable oils into trans fats. Trans fats are highly toxic and strongly associated with heart disease.… Read more »

gk ong

Rosmah’s whereabout is still a mystery as Bangkok Post has claimed that the 1Msia jet was mot there for any official visit.

Johnson Loh

Rosmah complaint about Mat Rempit menace disturbing her sleep.
She should ask Khairy why Umno is promoting Kapcai racing eg Petronas Cub Prix that encourages Mat Rempit to learn their trade on the road.

Yi & Putin

Don`t put the blame on the govt. Put it on the world that is developing at such a furious space. The past years we have rain and catastrophe not just in Malaysia but throughout the world from North & South America to Europe to India, China and most of South East Asian countries. The Arab peninsula are also now seeing rain. Is the US competent in their handling of Katarina. How is the Australian handling their bush fires. Their competency leaves much to be desired compared to the handling of the flood by our BN govt. Its only the opposition… Read more »


Those who don’t want to think the climate is changing won’t be persuaded that it’s happening even though the changes that are now occurring match closely the predictions that have been made over the last few decades. Excessive and unwise logging will continue because it provides short-term economic benefits to some people. And meanwhile we all continue to depend on fossil fuels to maintain our way of life, because the alternatives are too hard to contemplate. We are repeating the mistakes of the Mayans and the Easter Islanders, among others, because we are somehow unable to put into practice what… Read more »


Sadly the authority will use this high rainfall issue as an excuse to sidetrack any blame on the effect of logging activities.

Don Anamalai

An NGO has urged the government to set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) to investigate the illegal logging in Kelantan which it said was the primary cause for the floods in the state.


RCI in Malaysia has never come up with something to dispel the lies from BN. Latest being the project I case when it claimed no politics was involved.