Strong cyclone to strike N Queensland


A “life-threatening” cyclone is expected to hit the coast of Northern Queensland, Australia at around 10.00pm. It comes in the wake of devastating floods which swamped large parts of Queensland recently.

Meanwhile, a colossal winter storm has struck the United States. It is expected to affect a third of the population. And over here in Malaysia, we have floods in the south of the peninsula. Climate change? sign of the times?

Updates from Cairns, north Queensland below:

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Charlie Oscar

In Malaysia, All Pembangkang Rakyat (PR) and Supporters will Blame BN.
Have a good time for CNY!!!


We blame our leaders for their contribution or their poor and inept response to a disaster.
They, however, will blame God.

Ong Eu Soon

Cyclone Yasi is the combined planetary effect of both Jupiter and Venus. As Australia is in mid summer, the effect of Venus on the rate of evaporation is almost at it’s peak. The earth need cooling when we developed a place, we replace permeable surface with impermeable one, this deprived the earth the cooling it needed when rain water become runoff and channel to the sea by the horizontal conveying drainage system instead of go into the underground,. When the earth lost the cooling it need, evaporation will continue unabated. Rain will become more frequent and heavier. People just talk… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

The winter storm in US is not something unusual. The weather turbulence is due to strong north wind. The February night sky still witness Jupiter dominating the early evening sky and Venus dominating the late evening sky. Jupiter is the first star-like object to pop out after sunset. It’s the brightest starlike object in the February 2011 sky until around 9 p.m. when it sets. Jupiter has a planetary effect on the north wind. The stronger than usual north wind is the one that caused the winter storm in US. As certain parts of US are in late autumn, weather… Read more »

Ahmad Syafiq

God help them.